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  1. Default From Miami - LA - Need help!

    I have 7-8 weeks to travel across USA. As for now, the plan is this:

    1 week in NY - Plane to Miami.
    2 weeks in Miami.
    2 weeks to get from Miami to flagstaff - here I need help!
    3 weeks from flagstaff - LV - SF - LA and everything between.

    So the first problem is to get from Miami to Flagstaff. I have read a lot in different places, but it's hard to get any wiser because everyone recommends different places. We're glad too experience amazing nature, and a good nightlife.

    Some say Housten and Dallas is boring, Austin, New Orleans, are Tucson are not.

    Say tell me, 2 weeks to get from Miami to Flagstaff, where to go!? :)

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    Default Entirely Up to You

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The simple fact is that there is no single 'best' way to get from any Point A to any other Point B, and people are all telling you different things because they are telling you what would work best for them. I will not compound that by giving you just one more route that would be best for me. If you want the route and sites that work best for you, then you're going to have to get more involved in the planning. Get a set of maps or an atlas so that you can see where various routes go and what attractions are on or near those routes. Start surfing the web and see what is available for nightlife and attractions in various cities. Write or email various tourist bureaus and ask them for their brochures and calendars of events. The start stringing together the bits that will entertain you.

    I can tell you that Austin is universally known for its nightlife and has one of the best live music scenes in the country. Tucson has a number of attractions in a variety of forms from Old West to modern weaponry, New Orleans should also probably be on the places you look into as well. Then there are the natural wonders of the desert Southwest including places like Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands, the Grand Canyon and the Mojave Desert, just to name a few of the largest and most well known. Also be aware that with two weeks to make a drive that could be done in five days, you have a lot of time to play with and can wander well off the most direct route. That makes it harder to recommend things but, with some pre-planning on your part, makes for a great trip.

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    Do you need to catch a plane fron NY to Miami, you are missing loads of interesting places in between! I caught a train last year fron NY to Miami and got off at various places enroute...had a great time.

    I take it you have something planned in Miami, as two weeks is a long time for a city you can see in a week max.....

    As for Houston and Dallas being boring.....I'm visiting both in September and my research has shown that Dallas (Fort Worth) has great night life....good food and some interesting sights (Stockyards, Rodeos, Shopping etc) as does Houston.

    Happy planning, that's the best part of a road trip.

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    Houston has the Johnson Space Center, it's not far from Galveston, and neither are all that far from South Padre Island! Everywhere is someone's hometown and perhaps they don't think it's boring. Dallas has all that as mentioned above, plus the zoo, and some historical places as well. (It also has a lot of traffic. I don't even think the people who call Dallas "home" will argue about that!)



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    AZBuck: Yeah, we have to find a lot on the internet, but it's not that easy as you say.
    Therefore, any tips people can give us is much appreciated!

    TheIrvs: I'm sure theres a lot between NYC and Miami, but the trip is already big enough,
    so we have decided to focus on Miami - LA :) I have a little adjustment, we will not be in Miami for 2 weeks, but Florida, incl. Miami, Key West, Orlando and more. 2 weeks are not decided, but it will be 1 week or 10 days at least :)


    Thanks for the tip:)

    And I also wanna say that we have now ordered flight tickets and first hotel!
    We will now be in NY 6 nights from 1-7 July(celebrating the 4. July in NY will be awesome!),
    living very central just between Time Square and Central Park. At the 7 July, we have now ordered flight to Miami were we will pick up the car witch we will deliver in LA 1 September!

    So we will now be spending a total of 2 months in USA, giving us a lot of planning to do, and therefore
    any tips as I said, is much appreciated! :)

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    Here is a first suggestion for the route
    Not sure if we want to visit Memphis instead of Texas(Austin etc.). Also need tips for choosing not interstate roads.

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