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  1. Default Seattle to San Diego 101/1 honeymoon

    Hi everyone, I'm new here.

    Me and my fiancée are getting married next year, and will be honeymooning in the summer. We will both be 26, from the UK and have never done anything like this.
    We had planned to do the whole of Route 66 for 3 weeks at the end of July/August.
    However upon looking more into it, I am hearing alot of better things about the west coast drive.
    I am considering maybe doing this instead. I wanted to know the road trip expert's opinion!

    It will have to be in the summer holidays as my fiancée is a teacher.
    It will be 3 weeks (maybe a couple days extra if I can convince her!)
    We want a convertible car to hire one way (I know that's expensive but I would rather that than driving it back)
    Want to stick to the coast road all the way (i heard heading south is best as it is closest to the coast)

    Would 3 weeks be enough to to leisurely drive it while stopping at sights and driving slowly to take in sights while:

    Spending 1 maybe 2 nights in Seattle
    2 nights in San Fran
    2 nights in LA

    Then after San Diego, off to Las Vegas for 2 nights.
    And if possible, 1 night at the grand canyon then back to Vegas to fly home (grand canyon was part of our route 66)

    Would this be okay for that amount of time?

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Absolutely, you would have plenty of time to do that and even more, with 3 weeks at your disposal. North to south is a little easier, because the pullouts on CA-1 (PCH) are all on the west side of the road and then you don't have to cross oncoming traffic to either pull over or get back to the highway.

    As far as a convertible is concerned -- yes, it's more expensive. Bear in mind, though, as you drive from San Diego up to Las Vegas, you are going to cross the deserts. The desert in the summer is VERY hot (over 110F at times). Few want the convertible down as you cross, so you will probably use the a/c.

    BTW, one of the few sections of US 66 that's left is near the Grand Canyon. The rest are pretty well all "Business Route 66" or similar. Route 66 was decommissioned years ago, with Interstates 55, 44 and 40 taking its place.


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    Default Grand canyon.

    It would make more sense and save miles by going to the GC from San Diego and then back to Vegas for a couple of nights before flying home.

    You could consider a loop to prevent the one way drop fee, as there would be plenty to see on the way back on an inland route and there would be a lot more to consider if you were to start a loop from San Fran or Vegas for example. You don't have the need to cover the same ground twice, by going back to where you started.

    Have a look around the forum and other RTA planning pages and you will find a lot more info on options. As you build your trip just keep asking questions as and when needed.

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