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    Default Help...planning a road trip from Toronto (Canada) to New England and NYC

    I am at the start of planning a road trip from Toronto (Canada) through New York State to New York City and then loop back to Toronto from New England. The trip will be 5-7 days in total. We would like to include overnight stays since there is only one driver. So, the plan was to stop in Upper New York State the first night and from there head to New York City for 2 nights. From New York City we would like to explore New England...Boston, Cape Code, Provincetown, Main etc. Along the way we would like to visit historic and/or quant new england towns. We also want to have our fill of lobster and an opportunity to go whale watching.

    Please help us to map out a scenic driving route, locations to 'stop over for the night', and things and/or attractions not to miss.

    Thanks, HH

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    With your route, you will have ample opportunity for the "quaint New England town" views, though what that means from one person to the next could be different. Cape Cod and the Maine coast will give you your fill of lobsters and the aforementioned towns - those rustic, seaside villages. Though there are also those gated off, inaccessible areas too. If you have 7 days, take it! I think in 5 days you won't be able to do all that you are looking to do, and if it were me, 7 might feel a bit rushed to fit in all of those areas.

    In upstate New York, did you have any ideas about where you might be spending your first evening? To put you in a good position for your second and third days - in NYC - you might want to consider heading to the Catskill region on day 1.
    Days 2 and 3 are in NYC.
    Day 4 you have the option of heading along the Long Island Sound coastline in Connecticut then up into Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Alternatively, you could head through Connecticut on the Merritt Parkway, through Hartford on I-91, then I-84 and I-90 east into Boston. If you are planning on spending time on Cape Cod, I'd recommend the former route with a goal of somewhere on the Cape. This trip should take about 5 1/2 hours, though traffic could make that unrealistic.
    Day 5 you could either explore more on Cape Cod or head towards Maine, which will only take a few hours.

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    Default Starting to Get Snug

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    While the driving portion of your proposed trip could be completed in three to three and a half days, by the time you add in a stopover on the way to, and at least a day, in New York and a couple of days wandering through the many sights and small towns of New England, your time will be pretty well taken up. Still it's not impossible, but you probably should consider cutting back a bit around the edges of this trip.

    Since you plan on taking your time getting to New York, I'd suggest that you head down through Letchworth and Watkins Glenn State Parks on the first day and spend the night around Corning (half way to NYC). Then on Day 2 use I-88/I-81/I-380/I-80 to Stroudsburg, PA and explore the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area before heading into New York.

    As for the rest of your trip, after whatever time you plan to spend in New York, I think you have a decision to make. To be sure, I have enjoyed my times on Cape Cod, but those have almost all been during 'off' or at worst 'shoulder' season. The thought of fighting traffic onto, around and off of the Cape at the height of summer tourist season is not my idea of fun. I would suggest that instead, for this trip, you forego Cape Cod and head directly for Boston from New York. That's a relatively short drive and will leave you a good half day in Boston if you leave New York relatively early in the morning - but then that means you'll be in New York's rush hour traffic. If you want a bit of picturesque New England seacoast, you could then go from Boston out onto Cape Ann northeast of the city, with Rockport and Halibut Point State Park as two worthwhile destinations.

    From there it's a relatively quick and easy matter to drive up MA-133 and MA-1A to Plum Island, Newburyport and ultimately (US-1 or I-95) Portsmouth, NH and Portland, ME. There are far too many great sites in New England to list here, so I will simply direct you to this discussion of some of the best. But my main recommendation would be that you generally try to cross northern New England aiming for a re-entry into Canada around Cornwall so that you can return to Toronto via the Thousand Islands region and the northern shore of Lake Ontario.


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    Thank you this is very helpful....this is the first, of many road trips to come.

    It is not that important for us to hit as many places as possible in 7 days, but to be able to travel along roads that are scenic getting to our various destinations.

    We will be heading out on June 14th and would like to stop over somewhere about 3 hours away from New York City...any suggested towns that you feel are worth visiting and staying over? I hope we will be able to find a lovely Inn and there have breakfast and then explore the town and surrounding area before we hit the road again for New York City.

    We would like to spend two nights in New York City and then head out back on the road to explore New England... I would like to include Cape Code, Provincetown, and Main if possible, but what ever is practical this time around so that we have a real opportunity to take in and enjoy what we see and hopefully explore.

    I am happy to do research on line, so what ever suggestions of towns and stopping spots you can share would be appreciated. Also, it is important for us to not be 'on the road' to long at a time since I am the only driver AND I no longer enjoy driving at night AND especially if they are roads with no street/roads lights.

    Once again, thanks for your welcome and assistance.


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    Thank you so much.... I agree about not wanting to do this trip during any of the 'high' seasons. We are traveling the middle of June and I am hoping the traffic and 'tourism' will be less.

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    If you want to get to NYC in about 3 hours, you would want to try to make it at least to Binghamton.

    Toronto to Binghamton via fastest route is about 5.5 hours plus border delays.

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    Thank you that is exactly what I was looking for. So, I will research and take suggestions of what towns and/or places to stay around Binghamton....any ideas? Also, is there a route you would recommend from Toronto to that part of New York state?

    From New York City we are possibly going to have an overnight stay in Atlantic of us has their birthday and is a casino fan! From there we plan to head to Cape Code.


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    Your choices are only limited by how many hours you want to be on the road that day and how long you are delayed at the border. The fastest way is I-90 to Syracuse, then I-81.

    I-390/I-86/NY-17 is only about 15 minutes longer. US-219/I-86/NY-17 is about 30 minutes longer than that. Unless you want to spend more than 6 to 7 hours on the road, I'd take one of those 3.

    There is a wide choice of lodging in the Binghamton area - you won't have a problem finding something decent and affordable.

    Quickest way into NYC from Binghamton is I-81/I-380/I-80. NY-17/I-87 adds about 30 minutes.

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