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  1. Default Midwest Road Trip in August

    Hello everyone,
    I'm from Germany and I've spent the last 6 months in the states(Seattle,WA) working.
    In August I get the chance to travel and i thought about doing a road trip with a friend in the midwest of the states for 2 weeks.
    We both have not really an idea yet what exactly we want to see or what is worth seeing.

    Some states we definitely want to cover are: Nevada(Las Vegas,Grand Canyon),Utah,Arizona,Colorado and maybe Texas and also maybe a little bit of California(like San Diego). We just don't know how long it takes to get everywhere and how much there is to see.

    It would be really helpful if anyone had some ideas how our trip could look like. We are open for everything :)
    Thank you!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    First, I should let you know that none of the state you've listed are considered the midwest, they'd all be part of the southwest. (The midwest is more the area from the Dakotas to Ohio)

    You've got a lot of things you could potentially do, but a big question to start, is this a round trip from Seattle, or can you fly and start your trip anywhere? The states you've listed are filled with national parks, so I'd also suggest you spend a little time researching those and see what strikes your interest.

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    oh right. sorry,i did that mistake as i wanted to ask first about my roadtrip in the midwest.
    However.. we want to fly somewhere and start our trip Las Vegas.
    I know, we're just about to start to do some research about some sights,national parks etc.. i'd be interested in the yellowstone national park eventhough it's in wyoming.(also because i don't know any others in this area)
    there are just soo many things to see and we don't really know what's worth to see..

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    Default All of them!

    Sina, to start with, I would not worry about which is "worth to see.. ". Just check out whatever you can find on all of them. (There are a lot.) As you gather this information you will decide yourselves which you would prefer and which you feel happy leaving off the list.

    It would be a good idea to have a large paper map of the area, or maps of each State, so that you can locate these parks, and it will give you some idea as to how far apart, or how close some of them are. In the end, this, together with the time available, will very much dictate the route you will take.

    Enjoy the planning.


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