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    A friend and I are looking to go on a weekend long road trip, leaving Thursday and returning home Sunday, at the end of April. We are both from Windsor, Ontario and are thinking about going states side, leaving from Detroit. But we're unsure of where we want to go.... We are both spontaneous so booking hotels in advance doesn't matter and we're just looking for a somewhat scenic route, maybe some shopping, good restaurants, maybe some nightlife wherever we spend the night etc.... Just a pick up and go type weekend... Anyone have any ideas?

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    A "somewhat scenic route, maybe some shopping, good restaurants, maybe some nightlife" is actually the least restrictive set of criteria for a RoadTrip I can imagine. Those exist nearly everywhere, and certainly within a very short drive of everywhere. So the first thing you and your friend need to do and decide what else you want out of this trip - and pick a destination. Here are just a few of the places within about 8 hours of Windsor/Detroit: St. Louis, Nashville, Gatlinburg/Great Smoky Mountains, Washington DC, and the Finger Lakes and Adirondacks. Each has something unique to recommend it. Each is certainly scenic, and nightlife/shopping is never hard to find (there are lots of people out there willing to take your money!)

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