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  1. Default East Coast, 2 weeks in August

    Hi all,

    Me and my 2 housemates are planning a road trip up the east coast in August. We have set 2 weeks aside to drive a rented car from Miami to New York. First of all, is this enough time?

    Can anyone recommend any routes/landmarks/towns to visit? It's our first time on the east coast so any help would be massively appreciated.


    Dave, Dan and Rich

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    Default The Basic Coastal Route...

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    ...up the Atlantic has been covered as one of two possible routes here. Once you've had a read through, be sure to come back with any requests for specific recommendations based on your own preliminary planning, likes, etc. In the meantime, make sure that you've checked out the cost of that rental, especially any add-on costs such as the one way drop-off fee, and the underage driver fee(s) for each and every member of your party who is under 25, and the extra driver fee(s) for every driver who is not related (certainly no further separated than brother).


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