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  1. Default SF to NYC spring road trip

    I'm planning a road trip from San Francisco to NYC for about 2-2.5 weeks in April. My initial thought is mainly going along I-80, possibly detouring around Wyoming to go to Yellowstone NL. I'm interested in making a diverse vacation as possible - some nature, some urban, some small towns etc.
    I'd be very thankful for any advice this forum has; spcifically:
    Any good place to stop/visit along this route?
    I've read in this forum that is some (or many) parts, I-80 is boring; is it worth to detour to I-90 for some of the way? where? how much would it take?


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    Default It's a state of mind, not a road.

    Hi Imanuel, and Welcome to the The Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    I always feel sorry for people who comment on a road being 'boring'. It is a state of mind, and certainly not a road.

    Start of being determined to enjoy every mile, and you will. Do a little research to see which attractions along which route interest you most. (The map centre on the green bar above will assist you.) And look at spending some time on the secondary highways, rather than staying on the Interstates.

    One way I have chanced upon many gems in my half a dozen or so cross country trips, is stopping in small towns and speaking with the locals. They will tell you about what interesting places they have locally. All you need to do is ask. Ask where they like to go for a trip. Ask which route they would take if they were going to .... (whatever your next destination is). There's nothing like local knowledge.

    But first I would check out to see which of the hundreds of route options you prefer to travel cross country. A good sized map of the US will be a great help while you are doing this research.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I assure you that you did not read any regular member of this forum saying that I-80 is boring. Such a statement goes against the founding ideas of RTA and what makes a great roadtrip and even more to the point it's simply not true.

    However, if you are planning to go up to Yellowstone, then it would likely make sense to continue east on I-90, and head across the Black Hills, Badlands, and small towns of South Dakota.

    But as Lifey mentioned, those are just a few of the thousands of things you could do. Rather than focusing on route numbers, I'd focus on the places you most want to see, and once you have an idea of your own must sees, then the route will start to build itself.

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    You may be somewhat disappointed in Yellowstone in April - not much of the park is open to wheeled travel. The first opening date, weather permitting, is April 20.

  5. Default Thanks very much!

    Thanks very much for your answers

  6. Default SF to NYC in mid March

    I'm planning a road trip from SF to NYC in mid March. Initially I though of driving on I80, and in SLC going north to Yellowstone, take I90 and converge back to I80 at Chicago.
    However, I'm afraid in mid March it'll be too early: would many of these areas bee too cold or even close to traffic during that time? and if so, do you have alternative recomendations?

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    Default look up

    I'm sorry, but I don't understand your post - mostly because it just recovers the same questions you've already asked and had answered.

    The main roads are open year round, but there are some mountain areas - including most of the roads within Yellowstone Park - that do close for the winter. As noted in the links above, most of the roads within Yellowstone do not open at all until April or May, so visiting in March will only leave you with access to a relatively small part of the park.

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