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  1. Default road trp Indianapolis IN to Portland OR in december I70? I80? I90?

    Hello this is my first post. I'm planning to travel from indianapolis to portland OR. Leaving december 26. What are your suggestion for the best route this time of year. Have travel this route on I80 but have no experience on I70 or I90. How do they compare to I80? I'm a big fan of scenery roads. What's the best time to leave. Thx in advance! .

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    Default In This Case, New is (Probably) Better

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    The difference in mileage between the various routes available to you is 150 miles at most, or about 5% - hardly worth mentioning. So all other things being equal, I would recommend that you take a new route and explore some more of the country. In particular, I-90 would let you see 'new road' all the way from Cedar Rapids to the Columbia River and parts of that (the Black Hills and the Bitterroot Range in particular) are spectacular.However, all things may not be equal and you might want to base your final choice of route on the actual forecast which will only be reliable a day or two before your departure.


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    I decided to use I70 to I15 to I84. The weather was really nice and the lanscape in Colorado and Utah was amazing. I was the only driver and made the drive in 40 hrs.

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    How did you go from I-70 to I-15?

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    Default 40 hours ????

    I was the only driver and made the drive in 40 hrs.
    Could you confirm. Do you mean you were driving for 3 or 4 days and it took a total of 40 hours behind the wheel, or do you mean you completed the drive in 40 hours straight ? I am hoping it isn't the latter as that would have been extremely risky and would mean that you hadn't any real sleep while operating a vehicle at high speeds. It wouldn't be just you that you put at risk either, but those sharing the road with you as well.

    Glad you had a successful trip.

  6. Default highway 50

    Quote Originally Posted by glc View Post
    How did you go from I-70 to I-15?
    I left l70 at Salinas Utah and then took US 50 to I15 I was about 1 hr drive. Some traffic but alright.

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    Not that it matters now, but you could have saved over 60 miles by using US-191/US-6.

  8. Default san rafael swell

    Yeah ik. But I think that the drive on I70 through the san Rafael swell in Utah is amazing I was really impressed.

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