We just returned from a 3-day trip from So Cal to central Arizona, via I-8 and other routes. On the way out on Tuesday, I-8 eastbound was pretty clear of any construction zones. There were no "cone zones" between Lake Jennings Rd. Lakeside/El Cajon, CA and Stanfield,AZ, going in that direction. However, we did notice two "cone zones" going westbound. Those were not active today (Friday after Thanksgiving), presumably because of the holiday weekend.

One "cone zone" was between Foothills Blvd (Fortuna, about 15 miles east of Yuma), for about 7 miles towards Yuma. The other was in the mountains west of El Centro, for about 5 miles.

The traffic this weekend wasn't bad, but we were traveling on some "oddball" days. The only places we hit any traffic at all was in the town of Maricopa, AZ (along AZ 347) northbound on Tuesday, and then between Fortuna and the Dunes at Greys Well, CA today. (That was all the RV's with their dune machines, heading for the weekend fun!)