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  1. Default A warning about renting RVs in Denver

    Watch out for 3C's RV Rentals in Denver - they operate under various names including RV Rental of DIA, RV Rental of Denver, Mile High RV Rental, and Craigslist RV Rental for Less. These people are deeply dishonest. The RV we rented was shabby and poorly maintained: there were stains on the carpet, matresses, lights and shutters were broken, the washer-dryer didn't work and the RV was poorly equipped. More worryingly, the RV was also unsafe. The driver's seat belt was significantly frayed in several places, the catch on the passenger's seat belt was broken and the tyres were 10 years old, as we discovered when one blew on the interstate. Apparently, it is recommended that tyres are replaced every six (Ford) to seven (standard practice) years. We ended up being highly inconvenienced and paying $1000 to have the tyre replaced but I guess we were lucky not to have been involved in a serious accident. We are still awaiting the return of our deposit, reimbursement for the tyre and an apology! This company is appalling and the RVs are a disgrace. If you value your safety (and bank balances) do not rent RVs from this company.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. Based on a quick look around, it sounds like you aren't the only one who has voiced some major complaints about this company online.

    Hopefully you used a credit card or a similar method of payment where you may have some recourse to get some of your money back.

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    There's definitely something to be said about sticking with reputable major companies such as Cruise America.

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    Default Even better than Cruise America and El Monte RV

    If one has the budget, there's an even better option than Cruise America and El Monte RV -- mostly because Tracks and Trails uses RV's that are generally better maintained. If you've not looked at their site recently, it really has some nice photography!


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