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    We will be starting our road trip beginning to mid December from Florida... We would like to see the whole southern route... We will be towing a trailer with our motorcycles inside.. hoping to ride! We would like to see Death Valley and the grand canyon, and so much more of red rock and beautiful parks and mountains!! We would like some advice on sites to see and awesome roads that you have traveled on... Please comment!!

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    How much time do you have ? Is it a one way or round trip ? What interests you ? The more info you can give the easier it is to narrow down the thousands of options there will be.

    For now I would look around the forums and planning pages in the tool bars above with a good map to hand and gather as much info as you can and help us to help you with a little more detail. In the Map centre [under 'Maps' in the green tool bar] you can create routes and find many attractions along them.

    Once you have some dots on the map and worked out the basics we can help fill in the blanks. Enjoy the planning !!

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    Adding on to what Dave said - where are you planning to go? "The Whole Southern Route" doesn't really say anything, because there is not just a single "southern route." There are thousands upon thousands of different route combinations you could use to cross the southern half of the US.

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    Hi there.. Thanks for writing. We have from December 3rd until the 8th of January. It will also be a round trip road trip leaving from Florida.. We are looking for ideas and suggestions on which roads to take to get to death valley and things to see on the way to CA and Back... I Know its vague but we are totally open to anything.. we would love to take a more northern route and hit the grand canyon first... thoughts on that... which part of the grand canyon should we visit during december...? and then from there.. heading to death valley and then staying south back toward texas...? Thoughts on that? What are some great roads and places that are a must see?? We have never been out that way and are hoping for some real insight on what to see... and hoping that December isnt too cold to explore.

    Thank you for any information you can give us... We are really excited and any information you could share with us would be greatly appreciated!

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    The only rim of the Grand Canyon National Park area that is open during that time frame would probably be the South Rim, which is open year-round. The North Rim will probably be snowed in by then, and the services are pretty well closed already anyway.

    As for December and "too cold"....well, "cold" is relative. What I'd find "cold" as a Southern California resident is a whole lot different than someone from the Northeast part of the US!

    Can you travel with a laptop or another device where you can connect to the Internet? That's a good way to keep up with weather.

    Also, a good paper map and a few minutes here and there may tell you which routes interest you. Once you get more points on your interest map, we can help you connect the dots.


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