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    Default Detroit to San Francisco Field Report


    Got back from our western trip (I wrote about it in the Fall and Winter trips forum) and was wondering... Where is the proper place to post pictures and comments from the trip? And, what is the best way to post pictures?

    The trip was awesome thanks to a lot of the comments on this forum!

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    You can place your trip report either in the same thread with the planning, or separately in the Road Trip Reports section. If you do the latter, a link to the original planning thread is helpful (but not required).

    As far as photos are concerned - - you can create a member's photo album. After you upload your photo, each one has a URL that you can use to place a photo in the message.


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    Default You can use this thread


    I like your avatar icon -- I moved your thread here to the Field Reports section. You can continue this thread for your field report and we look forward to reading about your trip!

    Here is thread with more tips about adding photos and here is one about adding any map displays you'd like to use.


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    Thanks for the info! I started a new thread in this section with a link back to my original planning post and a link to a photo album I made. Thanks again for the help!

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