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    I"m not sure if this is in the correct section, so if not,, then forgive me,,

    I"m retiring next year and have already found out that it would be near impossible for me to retire to the USA full time, but can stay for up to 6 months at a time, returning after another 6 months out of the country.
    Now I had thought of doing 6 months in the USA, then 6 months in and around Europe, and the question is this,, during my stay in the States, would it be better, cheaper, easier, etc, to hire a camper or buy one and then store or resell at the end of the 6 months, baring in mind that I"d have to keep doing this every time I came over to you guys.

    Your thoughts on this would be most welcome.

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    Default That is what I am doing at the moment.

    Hi Roland, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    What you describe, is exactly what I am in the process of organising. I too am retired, and am planning my fifth trip to the US. After all this time, I have finally found a way that a non-resident is able to licence and insure a vehicle. The buying is not difficult, there are lots of folk willing to take your money. lol The snag has always been the licencing and insuring, for which you need to proof residency.

    And yes, I too plan to spend 6 months in the US, every summer from now on.

    Now, if you can wait a little while, I will let you know how I went, and if it was successful, etc. My trip commences in March 2012, so I will have the vehicle by then, and can let you know how I got on... and if it is worthwhile. I too, am looking at getting a small camper, actually, I just want a conversion van, with a bed to sleep in and a small fridge / freezer. I plan to carry a small camp stove. But you can get small campers with all the facilities as well.

    I don't feel comfortable recommending it without actually successfully doing it first.

    When will your trip start?


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    Thanks for the reply Lifey,, if its ok with you I have included an old email address, one that I rarely use so don"t mind it being on public display. I think it would be easier to "chat" that way rather than keep logging on here.
    If your"d like to email me I can give you my main email address and would love to talk about this.

    Regards, Roland.
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    Default For the benefit of all

    Roland, I know you mean well, but there are several reasons why we prefer to discuss these matters on forum.

    Firstly it is not wise to put any email address on forum, and I am sure that the first moderator who logs on, will remove it.

    Secondly, matters discussed off forum do not in any way benefit those who come to these forums, and for one reason or another, do not ask the questions. Once we have the information which we trust, and on which we can rely, we like it to be on forum for the benefit of all who visit here.

    So thanks, but no thanks.

    Now, when are you taking this trip?


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    Email address removed,, sorry for the trouble

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    Hi Lifey, and thanks for the reply,, did"nt think when I posted the email thing, but hopefully all is forgiven, ha,ha,,
    Now,, "my trip", I have posted another thread on here regarding a 16 day "road trip" that I"m doing next year, starting in Las Vegas, onto San Fran, then down Highway 1, and ending in Newport Beach.
    This is to used as my "retirement do", so to speak, with my then RVing/traveling full time hoepfully a month or so after that.
    I have as I mentioned come to realize that I"m not allowed to retire full time to the States, so it looks like 6 months there, then 6 months Europe etc. Hence my original question regarding hiring or buying.
    Lifey, I"d be very pleased to hear how you get on with your planning, your mode of transport / set up etc,, any info is always welcome.

    Thanks again,,, Regards, Roland

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    Default Will it be economical?

    Roland, On what information do you base being able to visit the US for six months? Do you have a B1/B2 visa?

    The normal maximum stay is 90 days, and for that length of time - even every year - I doubt that purchasing a vehicle would be economical.


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    Lifey, at the moment, I"m basing everything "I know" on the American Embassy and other websites,, I have read it that I"m able to get a B-2 Trourist Visa,, but from the tone of your reply I feel your going to tell me I"m wrong,lol,,

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    Default Not wrong - just check first

    Quote Originally Posted by rolandb View Post
    Lifey, at the moment, I'm basing everything "I know" on the American Embassy and other websites. I have read it that I'm able to get a B-2 Tourist Visa, but from the tone of your reply I feel you're going to tell me I'm wrong. lol
    No, I am not going to tell you you are wrong. What I am asking is, have you checked? Make sure of that first. No point going through lots of other planning, if you can't get a visa to stay for six months. I would apply for the visa now, before doing anything else. Not sure if the B2 Tourist Visa is the same as the visa I have, but mine is for five years, which allows me to stay for six months per entry.

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    Thanks for that Lifey,, I"m back at work now for 4 nights, but will get onto that straight away after that,

    Thanks again

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