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    Hi Everyone,

    Its the first time I use this forum. I would apreciate alot for the help.
    My cousin and I are planning a trip from New York to LA during april. We would like to make the trip during a week, but we what citys could we stop to visit, either what road would be best for 2 girls that are not from the States and that are travelling for the first time on the road.
    I would apreciate if someone could give me some tips for the trip!

    Thank you very much

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    Welcome aboard!

    First off, I'd mosey down to your local auto club (if you're a member) or good book/map store, and get yourself a good road map of the USA. There are so many ways to go from NY to Los Angeles that we couldn't begin to offer you suggestions without knowing a lot about you. After all, it's YOUR road trip, and not ours.

    No matter what route you choose, though, this is going to take about six days, possibly seven, if you're not used to driving on our side of the road and long distances. That's going one way.

    Bear in mind, if you're renting a vehicle - - if you're under 25, there are young driver fees in addition to the rental fee, and usually a one-way drop off charge if you're picking up the car in one city, and dropping off at another.

    Once you get a better idea of what you might like to see, come back here and we can help you connect the dots for your trip.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There is absolutely no single list of best cities or routes, just millions of options you'll have to decide. Distance wise, NY to LA is about like Paris to Moscow, and thus asking what you could see in between is a whole lot like someone ask what places should you see in all of Europe. Although, in any case, that distance will be a bit of a limiting factor. You need a minimum of 5-6 days to make the trip driving with little to no sightseeing, so with just a week for the drive, you won't be able to go too far afield.

    There are plenty of resources on this site to help you figure out what looks most interesting to you, but until you've got more of an idea of what you want, we really can't offer much in the way of specifics.

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