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    I don't know if I'm putting this n the right place!
    Here in the UK my husband, who has difficulty walking, has what is called a "Blue Badge" which allows people with disabilities to park on designated areas of the street or some car parks. Is there anything like this in the US, particularly in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama.?? The badge holds a simple sketch of someone in a wheelchair. Would it be any point us bringing his badge with him on our 6-week road trip?
    Many thanks for any help.

    NOTE:- I've just seen this thread discussed in 2008/9. There was no definitive answer then but that has helped me a bit.
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    Default Issued by each USA state

    In the USA, these blue-colored placards are issued by each state and they look similar to your Disabled parking. As an UN-official policy most states seem to honor those issued from different states when someone parks in handicapped-designated spot in their states. I think, therefore, it might work for the "Blue Badge" -- But I don't know for sure.


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    Default Honored by All

    I have first hand knowledge of the use of such badges and have used ours (issued by Arizona) in the UK. They are honored by all jurisdictions as long as they are current and up-to-date. Simply display the badge prominently in the front window - hanging from the rear view mirror is the typical location where they're looked for. Such portable badges are the only way to transfer the handicapped parking privileges to rental cars.


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    As a matter of fact, I've seen vehicles in national parks with UK blue badges. They are valid here.

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    Thank you allso very much for your help. We will definitely bring our "Blue Badge" from the UK and also bring something to hang it from the rearview mirror.
    Thanks again.

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    Default Mine was never queried.

    Be assured that you will not have a problem. Your permit will be honoured in North America.

    In 2009 I spent six months touring North America, all over the 48 States, Canada and Alaska. My parking permit was never queried. And rarely was I anywhere, where I was not able to get a spot. They seem to be quite plentiful. I agree, try to have it / one which hangs from the mirror.

    And if you find yourself in a large supermarket, or one of those large department stores, chances are you will see a row of mobility scooters just inside the entrance, for the use of those who have difficulty walking. (Oh! how I miss that here.)


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    Default Disabled Parking Permit Usage in the United States

    Came across this webpage today, and thought I'd post the link here. It clearly states the best way to go about making sure all requirements are met.


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