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    For the last few months I've been planning a roadtrip throughout the US. Its going to be 27 days on the road not including any time you want to spend on your own in New York and San Francisco.I will be leaving oct1st but I can give or take a few days Im a 26 male from new york and looking for male or female companions to come along( up to 3) in a great condition Honda crv. I'm very outdoorsy and very very easy going.
    Im Planning on mostly camping except for 6 days in hostels,3 nights in Cabins, and 2 nights in a hotel.
    Well hit 17 states!
    Many cities such as New York,Washington DC, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, plus more.
    National Parks ,Badlands, Mesa Verde , Grand canyon, and Mnt. Rushmore as well as many state parks including redwoods.
    I have a Plan that we would have to stick to in order to keep certain hotel and campground reservations. The total cost will be $645 per person and that would include me driving and lodging. I figure gas we'll all split on the road and were on our own for food costs. Hope one of you out there will join me. If you'd like any more info just ask and ill get back to you as soon as im able. Thanks for reading , Daniel

    Location: NY- LA

    Here's more about his planning!
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    Default Looks like a fun trip

    Hard to believe that the per person cost for that much travel can be that low, but it sure looks like a fun adventure... Wish I could "escape" the office and join you!


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    it is hard to believe , but if you break it down... say top price campsites charge is maybe $40, x 30 days = $1200 divide by 4 and its only 300 per person, and thats only an example. I figured the trip out everyday to the dollar btw. After planning this trip from january i have alot of numbers written out. the reason its 645 is because the hostels and hotels cost a bit more. Gas is not included, I hope i made that clear enough , gas costs will be shared on the road. Wish you could come with me! You could probably show me a thing or two

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    Alright!!! one passenger and myself are in so far! 2 open seats left

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