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  1. Default ?? Taking the northen TO the southern route??

    Hi everyone, Im planning a trip and i hit a snag. On paper, im in CHICAGO. I would like to end up in BOULDER CO .
    Im trying for no more than a 4-5 hour drive each day.
    I would like to BE somewhere everyday ,weather its a city or a Large park ( st louis, badlands, rushmore ...or even a large factory tour etc). My time frame is a few days 2-6 ide say. Any help would be fantastic thanks in advance

    ps a quick solution would be taking the northern rt till rushmore then heading south to boulder, but its over an 8 hour ride with as far as i know, nothing in between.

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    Here's the thing - there's never anywhere with "nothing" in between. Pretty much every town will have some sort of park, museum, or other attraction that is unique to that location. You just have to take the time to stop.

    Assuming you are talking about the Rushmore to Boulder as the "8 hour ride" I plugged the route into RTA's map center and it came up with 26 suggestions for stopping points. Many of them are in the black hills, and around Rocky Mountain NP, but there are still a nice handful in the middle and that's by no means a complete list - just a sample of the many things that are out there.

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    How about Fort Robinson State Park in Crawford NE, or Glendo State Park in Glendo WY? Both parks have campgrounds. If you want a city, look at Casper WY.

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    Default Other sights and sites

    At Chadron, NE is the Museum of the Fur Trade, the Sandoz High Plains Center, and Chadron State College, which must be a fun place to be on a football weekend.

    I can personally vouch for Fort Robinson State Park.

    Sidney, NE has the headquarters of Cabela's, complete with a huge retail store, and a historic downtown.

    Cheyenne, WY is a nice-looking town with some good restaurants and the "Little America" resort/travel center.


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    Default Other routes

    All of the above suggestions, I would whole heartedly endorse.

    And if you want to limit your driving to 4 - 5 hour each day, here are a couple of other routes. Take 385 south to Chadron NE, Alliance (Carhege), Sydney. Or head west at Chadron (Pine Ridge) and onto Scottsbluff via the Agate Fossil Beds. But then again, you might like to take 18 to I-25, through the Black Hills, Custer (Wind Cave), Edgemont and Lusk.

    These routes will take you through rural areas over single lane roads. Savour the serenity! The locals will tell you what their favourite attractions are. All you need to do is ask.


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    thanks for the hint about Fort robinson state park. It has great reviews and cheap lodging in their cabins and bungalos. And I plugged it in again and its only if i remember correctly a 2.5 hour drive from rushmore. and then a 4.5 hour drive to boulder co , So that would be perfect. I cant find any info on renting horses, or lessons . Do you know if they are available?
    also how long should I plan to visit mnt rushmore? I dont think I would like to explore indepth maybe just a general visit , with some photo ops and a popular walk

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    lifemagician, I havent got a chance yet to explore those options but as soon as i have time I will. thanks for your response

  8. Default where to hunker down chicago-badlands

    when taking the chicago to badlands trek, where is the most common area to stay for the night ? (my likes are everything interesting, big city or woods are both fine)

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    Default non-stop

    If you aren't planning to make any major stops, and are planning just to have a full day on the road, then Sioux Falls would work well for an overnight. It should take about 10 hours via I-90.

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