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    Default From Texas to California

    I am planning a winter road trip a week or two after Oct 29th from SA Town to Santa Rosa, California. I will be visiting a friend of mine for two weeks, this will be my first solo trip across state lines. So I am hoping to make this no more than a three day drive and I would appreciate any useful tips.
    -my car gets an average of 35mpg highway driving at a speed of no more than 70mph.

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    If you need more information on the trip then just let me know.

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    At least with that kind of gas mileage, gas station stops won't be a high priority!!!

    Have you got a good idea about what route you want to use? Are you looking for advice on the route or just on the traveling in general?


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    Default Some thoughts.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    When planning on full days of driving the first thing to consider is how long are you comfortable with being on the road. Mapping programs are hugely optimistic when it comes to timing, mainly because they don't have to deal with traffic nor have the need to go to the bathroom, eat and take rest stops or fill with gas. Your car will travel comfortably at 70mph, but when you add those other factors in your actual daily average will most likely be around 57 mph. Your trip is doable in 3 days, but expect them to average at least 10/11 hours a day on the road with short breaks and work your stops out accordingly. If you try too much on day 1 when you are feeling fresh, the next 2 will be draining on your energy and concentration levels and you shouldn't attempt any more than 600 miles. That would put you around Las Cruces on night 1 depending on your route.

    With 2 weeks to spend with your friend, have you not considered taking an extra day or 2 to travel each way and do a little sight seeing. At the very least I would allow an extra day for the journey home and look at a different route to the one that takes you there. For instance if you are making a straight run on I10 and 5, you could come home via Yosemite, Death valley, Las Vegas and get on I40 where you would pass the Grand canyon. A couple of days extra here could give you a trip to remember !

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    Default Solo driving

    Quote Originally Posted by Vabbi View Post
    ... this will be my first solo trip ...
    In that case you might find this article interesting.


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    Donna- I am looking for advice on the route and travel.

    Dave- Thanks for all the advice, I think I will see about allowing extra travel time on the way home so I can check out Yosemite.

    Lifey- Thank you for the artical, I have saved it to favorites for continual future reference as I plan my trip.

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