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    Default Phoenix-Las Vegas-Death Valley-Yosemite-San Francisco-San Diego

    Hi guys!
    I'm an italian girl, I will come visit USA with my boyfriend. Sorry for my English, I will try to write the best I can. We will arrive the 10th of August in Arizona and stay in Phoenix for 3 days. We will rent a car and go to Grand Canyon the 13th, leaving Phoenix early morning, and maybe have a little stop in Sedona (is it nice to visit?). We will visit Gran Canyon and then sleep in Williams. The 14th morning go to Las Vegas, visit and pass the night there. After that, we would like to go to San Francisco and then down the coast till San Diego (the idea is to arrive in San Francisco the 17th, stay there 3 days, and then we have another week to visit the coast and go to san Diego). Before going to SF we would like to visit Death Valley and Yosemite National Park ( I see it is a long driving trip, I think we will leave Las Vegas the 15th, visit Death Valley, then sleep somewhere half-way to Yosemite, the 16th go to Yosemite, visit and stay there the night, the 17th go to SF). Do u think is it possible? Someone recommended to visit also Sequoia National Park? Wich roads can we take to go to to Death Valley, Yosemite and San Francisco? (google map gives 2 or 3 possibility of road, I don't know wich are the best). In California we think we will visit Monterey, Big Sur, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Huntington, Newport, San Clemente and San Diego..someone recommended something else?
    THANKS VERY VERY MUCH, this is our first trip on the road :-)

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    Default Bravo!

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Looking at your plan, I think you've got laid things out nearly perfectly.

    I'd probably skip Sedona, unless you give yourself more time there. Phoenix to the Grand Canyon and back to Williams is going to be a full day already. It's not a bad day, but I wouldn't try to add more to it.

    Your Vegas - San Francisco leg should work out quite well. For a route, Leaving Vegas you'd leave via NV-160 to Pahrump and then turn onto Bell Vista Road and take that to Death Valley. From DV, you'll just take US-395 north to CA-120, and take Tioga Pass into Yosemite.

    Sequoia National Park is one of my favorite stops, however, with the Mountains it is difficult to fit it in without backtracking and adding quite a bit of time. However, Yosemite does have its own grove of Sequoia trees, which can at least give you a taste of the Giant Trees, without adding a lot of extra time and miles.

    I'm not sure what more we can add, because it looks like you've done a very good job in your planning. But if you have some more specific question, we'll certainly help.

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    Default Better than most

    Quote Originally Posted by Neshika17 View Post
    ... Sorry for my English, I will try to write the best I can.
    Let me add to Michaels commendations, and compliment you on your English skills. It certainly is better than many native English speakers. Well done!

    I would really like to read all about your trip, when you are done. You might like to put a report in the RaodTrip Field Report forum.


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    Default A couple of thoughts.

    I agree with all the above, and well done on both counts, planning and English ! I would recommend a little extra time at the Grand canyon though. If you 'found' a day elsewhere either leaving Phoenix a day early or from the coastal leg of your trip, you could go to Sedona and spend the night in Flagstaff or possibly Cameron trading post. Either way you could head North on 89 and enter the Grand canyon on AZ64 [Desert view drive] where there a lot of viewpoints, the first would be from the Old watchtower where you have open views of the Colorado. Desert view drive will take you to the village area where you can park up and take an easy walk around the rim and catch the free shuttle bus up to Hermits rest, hopping on and off at various viewpoints. When you return to the village area you can leave by the South kiosk [also on 64] to Williams, completing a loop of the Grand canyon South rim.

    Through Death valley you should be able to overnight around Bishop or Mammoth lakes on 395 and continue over the spectacular Tioga pass [CA120] next day to the valley floor. On the morning of the 17th you should be able to explore a little more of Yosemite before heading to SF. You really must drive up Glacier point road and take a short walk to the spectacular viewpoint over the valley. A little further South is Mariposa grove and the giant Sequoia tree's Michael referred to.

    I would highly recommend booking an Alcatraz Island tour while staying in SF. It gets busy but you can book official tickets in advance here.

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    Thanks for answer me!!! I'm happy I've found "roadtrip america" website.
    I will write about my trip, for sure..
    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I will write again because I know I will have other and other questions.

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    You are welcome ! Feel free to ask any questions you might have in this thread. You can also use the search function to find other threads with great info or simply scroll down this page and you will find 'Similar threads'. You can also check out the tool bars above where there are many planning resources from attractions to routes [to both in the Map centre] and you can check out lodging options by clicking on the 'Hotels' link.

    Enjoy the planning !!

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    Hi! I've just booked a hotel in San Francisco with a free parking, but I would like to know..has San Francisco a metropolitana (underground)? Wich website can I look up to see San Francisco public transportation? The hotel I've booked is in 9th street, so not so far from Civic Center, is it possible to visit SF only by walk ( we have 2 days in SF plus one day for Alcatraz Island as Southwest David recommended us ).
    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default BART and Cable cars.

    I'm not up to speed on the public transport around as SF as we found it compact enough to walk around and enjoyed the sights by doing so, so if you don't mind walking it's one of the better ways to get around the City. Near the Civic centre on Market street is the BART rail system that you can use to get to Powell St near to Union square or further along the line. From the corner of Mission and 9th it is under 30 mins walking to Union square. Of course you always have the cable cars to ride which is part of experiencing San Fran.

    Cable car info and the Bay Area Rapid Transit rail system. [BART]

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    San Francisco has a centralized website for the Muni - this is both rail and bus.

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    HI! Just 3 days before the departure :-) So exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We decide to visit Grand Canyon, Death Valley and Yosemite National Park. Do u think we should buy "american the beautiful pass"?
    My aunt gives us the opportunity to see the GC with the helicopter-tour..I see there are different papillon..what do u recommended? Can we do this tour if we go to the south rim of GC?
    Last question for boyfriend would like to rent a harley-davidson for a day in California, wich website is good? We've seen is quite expensive!
    Thanks a lot!!!!!

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