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    Default Where To Go / What To Do -- Starting in NYC - 2nd September 2011

    Hi All,

    I have been reading this forum shortly, and it seems there is much directive and also direct response to the contents provided. Therefore, I have decided to give it a try :)

    At first, we figured to take a roadtrip along the whole atlantic coast whole the way from Miami to NYC (2054 kilimometers) by renting a car directly in Miami. However, in the end (and due to time constraints) we have now decided to not do this as we have limited time and basically, no clue :)

    So here is the situation:
    I will be flying from Chicago (O'Heare) directly to New York (JFK) on Friday September the 2nd. My brother will by then also take a direct plane, however, he will be coming from Holland.

    So, we will both be arriving in NYC on Friday September 2nd, in the evening (e.g. 8 pm). From that moment on we have 1 week to do all the fun stuff that 2 European guys would want to do in USA. We would want to be flying back on Friday the 8th from either airport with a direct flight to Holland (this is because the flight is ~9 hours + time delay = 7 hours. So if we would leave on Friday @ 16:00 we would only arrive at 8 PM saturday Morning @ Schiphol Amsterdam).

    Either way, before this story becomes even longer; we are 2 Dutch guys of Mid 20's, who love to go out (clubs, festivals etc.), take opportunities ("hey you wanna go paraglide? YEAH, why not!" etc.) , do sports ("You wanna join for a game of football?" YEAH why not!), do crazy stuff ("That game of 'MAX' with the dices from Holland is crazy guys!").

    In short, what we would like is to spend 6 days and 7 nights in USA, with the starting point in New York City (landing on JFK) (Arrival ~8pm Friday 2nd of September 2011 + Departure Friday 9th of September 2011 ~16:00) We would like to visit Statue of Liberty and see all important touristic scenery that can be seen. But also, go to the coolest clubs in NY and also do all the stuff that is cool that can be done within the limited timeframe given. We are willing to rent a car (if this is recommended) and the airport where we fly back to Holland does not need to be JFK again, it could

    If you could advize on a 'perfect' itenary for two young guys trying to have a very good sunny time in New York, that would be very much appreciated!

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    Default Can't help you, but...

    Welkom to the RTA Forums.

    Als ik dit nu helemaal in het ABN zou schrijven, zou het niet leuk zijn voor die andere. En trouwens, mijn ABN is niet zo goed meer. Heb het al in een zestig jaar niet ge schreven.

    My knowledge of NYC is not broad enough to help you, but I just could not resist responding.

    Enjoy your trip.


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    Well that is actually pretty good there :) I managed to spot only 1 minor semantics error- you are now saying 'I haven't read it in A sixty years', just remove the 'A' (een) and then it would be perfect :)>>>

    For anyone, who would know New York and the direct environments that suit above explained, could you please reply? :)

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    Allright, i'm greedy i know. To receive a response that fast, let alone receive one... But i am in fact in a hurry as im actually planning to book it tonight already.

    If there is someone who can tell me what is the best route to take for 6 days starting in new york to end up in a random airport that will fly me back to holland, i would be greatful for ever.

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    Default Why the rush ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    If you could advize on a 'perfect' itenary for two young guys trying to have a very good sunny time in New York, that would be very much appreciated!
    The perfect itinerary anywhere, is the one that you create based on your interests. The point of planning your own trip instead of walking into a travel agents and letting them do it for you, is to make it an individual experience and not to follow someone else's idea of the perfect trip. You will, as you look around the forums, find a common theme that there is no 'best' route or 'must sees' other than the ones you want to do. We are here to help you with your planning and to answer certain questions, but not to plan your trip. I am not familiar with this part of the US either, but you will get a similar response from those that do. Have a look around the forums and planning pages above [Attractions, routes, Map centre etc] and decide for yourself what interests you and how that can work with your start and finish point options. Once you have got that far and some dots on the map I'm sure other members will be along to help fill in the gaps. Not sure why the rush to book when you don't actually know what you want to do, so either take your time and spend time researching, or book and then plan. There will be thousands of options once you start researching for yourself.

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    If you need to book RIGHT NOW, book your return flights out of JFK. Play the whole 6 days "by ear" - see what you want in NYC, a rental car will not be necessary because it has an extensive public transportation system - and you certainly would not want to be driving after drinking!

    Then, when you feel you want to see something else, rent a car and go do it! There is a lot of things to see and do within a day's drive of NYC, you have plenty of time between now and then to research them. That will also keep your car rental expense down, you won't be paying a "one way" dropoff fee to rent in one city and return in another. Another reason not to rent right away - parking in NYC is very expensive.

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