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  1. Default 10 day Road Trip, New York to ???

    Myself and a friend are going on holidays for two weeks in July starting off in NY. We're both 24 years old. I'm looking for some advice on what route would be best to take as I really have no clue. I would really like to see Boston but it looks like there is not much else once you go up that way. Good nightlife and beaches are really what we are looking for.. Purely from reading up on the internet Rhode Island and Cape Cod also appear to be worth a visit for a couple of days!

    Another route we are considering would be making our way down the east coast stopping off in places like Philadelphia, Atlantic City, somewhere in Delaware, Ocean city.

    South Carolina is another state i've heard good things about but i don't know if we'd be giving ourselves enough time travelling down that far. We'd like to stay a couple of nights in a minimum of 3 cities throughout the 10 days.

    Sorry i can't be more specific but i've never travelled outside of the main cities in the States before. I'd be open to any suggestions at this stage!


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    Default Planning that first trip

    Hi and Welcome to RTA Forums.

    OK. Let me give you a leg-up.

    There are a couple of places you may like to start. Read through these forums. Use the search tool to find relevant threads. You may also find the planning and roadside attractions articles helpful. Then play around in the map centre and see what other attractions are in the areas you are thinking of. And last, but by no means least, get yourself a good map of the north east / mid atlantic. There is nothing like seeing it all laid out on a map. You can then mark the places which interest you on the map... and bingo! your route will appear before you.

    When you have a few dots on the map, and more specific question, feel free to come back and fire away. Someone will be here to help you fine tune the trip.


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    Thanks very much for the tips Lifey...

    We're set on NY, Boston, Cape Cod, Rhode Island. Not much of a road trip i know, but we decided to take it handy since it's our first one and we're happiest with these locations!

    If anyone could give me a few tips on where is the best town/area to stay in Rhode Island i would be very grateful.. Good beaches and bars are the main priority for this stop!

    Thanks again,


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    If you can afford it, I'd stay in Newport. I don't know how the beaches are there, but it has plenty of bars, being somewhat of a resort town.

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    Thanks a lot GLC.. I will look into that straight away!

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