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  1. Default All Over Cali - Is 10 Days Enough?!

    Hi everyone!

    Do you guys think 10 days (in early July) is enough time to enjoy the sites below? We've never been to California before. We've played around with several scenarios on Google Maps already, but hope that some of you may be more familiar with the area and have additional insights. Now I know this route has been discussed in the forums in the past, but we're just not sure of our timing...we don't want to feel rushed!

    We would fly into Los Angeles, rent a one-way car, and fly out of Vegas (no time spent in Vegas as we've already visited).

    - Los Angeles via PCH to San Francisco with stops along the way
    - Yosemite
    - Death Valley
    - Vegas (no time spent)

    We'd appreciate any suggestions and comments you have (too ambitious on timing, etc.)! The stops and routes suggested in prior posts are great, we'll definitely put them to use. Thanks a million! :)

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    Default Never Too Much Time

    Hi and Welcome to RTA Forum.

    That looks like a nice time frame to really enjoy the sights you have selected.

    This is a very popular route, and one of the most often discussed in the forum, so you will find lots of information as you spend some time reading through the threads. You may read of some other sights in the area, such as Kings Canyon and Sequoia NPs - which may also interest you. Check out the toolbar above, for more suggestions.

    My only comment would be, to think about doing the trip counter clockwise - start in LV - so that when you are driving down the PCH you have the ocean on your side. It avoids having to constantly cross over traffic, everytime you pull into and out of the many pull-offs and view points.


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    Welcome to RTA !

    We all wish we had more time, but you have a well paced trip for the sites you wish to visit. A couple of days to see the sights in LA and SF while taking a couple of days between the two to enjoy the coast will give you a nice overview. Day 7 and 8 to and in Yosemite and day 9 over the Tioga pass [CA120] and stay in Death valley before heading onto Vegas. You could opt to leave Yosemite during the afternoon on day 8 and stop around Mammoth or Bishop. In Yosemite you have the valley floor, the spectacular Glacier point and the Mariposa grove of Giant Sequoia trees as a few main highlights, a true gem of the NP system.

    You might want to spend longer in a certain place and less in another, but at least that will give you something to work from.

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    Thanks so much for your advice, Lifemagician and Southwest Dave. We're really glad to hear we're doing okay on timing. And good point on driving the route in reverse...we may just have to do that. We'll take a look at the other threads to help fill in the details, I'm glad it's such a popular route and so much advice is already readily available.


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