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    Default Planning for NJ to Florida, advice?

    Uhh, so me and my friends are looking to have a road trip form NJ to Florida. Thing is that theres 4 of us and i was wondering if anyone would have any estimations for prices of food and gas, total of days is like 4days to and 4days from. This would have to include some side stops, which some suggestions would be nice, and party areas, anything really.

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    Go to a mapping site (Mapquest, Google Maps) and find out how many miles it is for your trip one way, first, then double it. Add about 1/4th for "tourist miles". Then on this site, there's a gas cost calculator. That should tell you how much to expect to pay for gas.

    For food - well, there are so many variables on figuring food. Are you going to carry a cooler with drinks and snacks? That will save a bundle, as vending machines and convenience stores are expensive. Will that same cooler carry the makings for sandwiches? That will save lunch bucks. Finally, your choice of restaurants will make a big difference. Warning: fast food places may seem cheap, but they aren't necessarily. Also, it will depend on where you stay overnight, and if the motel has a continental breakfast, whether or not you take advantage of it.

    Overnights - you didn't mention whether you are camping it or moteling it.

    I can't help on the party areas ... it's been too long since my college days. :-)


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