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  1. Default 4 Irish lads planning a road trip from Boston to Florida!

    Hi all, myself and 3 friends are in the initial stages of planning a road trip. I have alot of questions and would be very grateful for your help! We have 8 weeks to complete the journey!

    We have decided that getting a 60 day bus ticket restrains what and where we go too much, so at the minute our plan is to buy a used RV/6 seater mini bus/car etc and bring a tent and sleeping bags. We are planning to do this as cheap as possible with speding money of around $5000 and setting aside an extra $1500 each for buying whatever we buy and gas prices. what is the story with road tax insurance etc?

    Any help and tips would be greatly appreciated xo

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    Default Buying a vehicle

    Unfortunately, without wanting to put a damper on your plans, buying and running a vehicle is next to impossible as a foreign national. Unless, of course, you have someone with an address in the US who is prepared to register and insure the vehicle in their name with you as a named driver?

    Here is a thread related to the legalities of running a car as an international visitor and here is a post wth some info on insurance.

    Hope this helps

  3. Default East Coast Road Trip

    Hi Guys,

    I wrote a thread before about a road trip i was planning on the East Coast. I now have everything finalised and was looking for some tips, places to visit etc.

    We fly to Boston on 15th June, stay 3 days in Boston the pick up RV there. I went for Motirus (anyone have any experience of this company) for a 12 day road trip. My plan is to go to New York first. I had initially planned tp pick up RV in New York but no 'one ways' were available there so had to get it in Boston. Anyone have any idea of what we should do with an RV in New York. Im thinking we will have to look for a park on suburbs and travel into the city.

    After New York we will head for phili for a night, then travel out to Ocean City. Then plan to travel towards DC for either a day trip or 1 night stay.

    After this is bit sketchy, plan is to travel down thru North and South Carolina towards Florida. Any tips on a route or plaes to visit along here?

    Then at least 5 days of the road trip will be in Florida. Travel down past Orlando, hit Kennedy space centre, mainly hitting beach resorts towards Miami, the out to the Florida keys, back up past the everglades up the gulf coast stopping off along the way.

    We leave RV in Orlando where we stay for a further week in a hotel.

    Ok so thats it. We plan to stick to this general route however if anyone has any advice I would love to hear.

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    Default A couple of links

    Hi, Welcome back to RTA,

    I have no experience of the East coast but I do remember hearing about the Liberty harbour RV park some place. [probably in another thread here at RTA].

    However you might want to check things out a little more thoroughly after reading this scenario and consider staying outside the City near to transportation or somewhere that does tours into the city.

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    Hi Southwest Dave, that orignal thread isnt from me. Its just two of us going on road trip. I didnt write the first thread u attached. Thanks for your reply tho, had a look at that park in NY, it looks good. i emailed for rates.

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