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    Default Vancouver, BC --> Las Vegas via Boise .... and Salt Lake?

    Hi Everyone....

    I tried to find any threads regarding this road trip my brother and I are planning this summer (mid-Aug). We normally fly to Vegas, but he's having surgery and may not be able to fly down ~ so we thought we'd drive!

    We're planning on going via Boise (overnight) to Vegas -- but it's the 'after Boise' section of the trip that we aren't too sure about. Googlemaps gave us directions to take the 93 through Ely but I read elsewhere that it's very desolate and considering we are both (long) road trip newbies/virgins - I'm not too comfy doing that. I've read that the best route is through Salt Lake City, but I'm just trying to wrap my head around this and figure out the best plan of action.

    On the way down we are only doing the overnight in Boise so it'll be 2 days of approx 12hr driving +/- a few hours I assume. We plan on breaking up the drive into 4hr increments stopping for breakky, lunch and other pit stops as necessary.

    I'd appreciate ANY and ALL help for you veteran road trippers on the best route (not necessarily scenic but safest, most gas & food stops), best time to get on the road (currently think 4am starts), what to watch for (how are the cops/hwy patrol etc), and anything else I am probably missing!!

    Thank you VERY much for your assistance in advanced and I'm sorry if this topic has been beaten dead ~

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    Sorry - just a quick clarification re: googlemaps - 93 and then down the 318, which then merges back onto the 93 again...

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    Default I wouldn't add more time and distance.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You are right on the limit [a little over] of the distance we would recommend travelling over 2 days, but it can be done and Boise is about perfect for an overnight stop. I don't see the point of adding distance and time to your already long journey by going to SLC as US93/NV318/US93 will do just fine. It's not exactly desolate and there will be other travellers going through so just top your tank up in Ely and off you go !

    I don't know of any reports of over enthusiastic policing in the area, but if you are not doing anything wrong you will have nothing to worry about. With regular stops, snacks and refreshments in the car along with basic tools and a properly inflated spare tyre in case needed are all wise items to carry. A maintenance check before you go and knowing your servicing is up to date is always reassuring. Check [replace if needed] fluids, tyre pressures [and condition], wiper blades, brakes etc.

    Have a safe trip!

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    93/318/93 is 140 miles shorter, and the speed limit through Nevada is 70 mph (112 kph), so this will save you some time. I'm a bit concerned about you trying to do this in 2 days, it's going to be 2 very long days on the road.

    I would try to make it to Twin Falls the first night. I also would leave Vancouver very early so you are at the border before it starts to get busy. I'd top off your gas in Twin Falls, Wells, and Ely. Then, if you can't comfortably drive 250 miles (400 km) on a tank of gas, you will need to top off again in Ash Springs/Alamo.

    If you find that you would be more comfortable taking 3 days, then you could overnight somewhere between Kennewick and Boise, then Ely.

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    hm - well I also have to take into consideration that my brother is Diabetic and so we need to be able to pull of quickly if anything should happen (probably not but you never know). I know they are looonng days and doing it in 2 days is pushing it but hm... I will have to talk to my brother about it and maybe reconsider.

    We're planning to leave at around 4am on both days so we can get a head start on traffic and arrive at the next destination at a decent time. I have a Civic so doing 400km on a tank of gas, hwy driving isn't a problem ... I think it's moreso just the 'what if' situations for me.

    Yes - definitely heading to the mechanics before we take off for a full check up. Learn to change a tire and basic things like that.

    Thanks for your insight - much appreciated... the more I can get the better! Please keep the info coming! :D

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    If you think you may have a medical issue, then you should stick to the Interstates where you should have continuous cellular coverage and emergency services. Bring a phone that will work on one of the major US networks - Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile.

    I would ALLOW 3 days, and see how far you get the first day. If you make it to Twin Falls, then you should be able to make it to LV the next day in about the same amount of time. I also wouldn't advise trying to get on the road before dawn, it's not really necessary (but as I said before, you may want to the first day to get across the border). The only traffic to speak of along the whole route would be through Seattle and SLC.

    For your trip back home, if you want a change of scenery you could take I-15 to CA-58 to I-5. This is about an hour and a half longer.

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    I spoke with my brother last night and we're gonna do it over 3 days - so day 1 will be a boot down to Boise, day 2 will be to SLC, then day 3 mozey on down to LV. At least this way we get to spend some time in a city we've never been too before and not worry about timing etc.

    We will buy a sim card at AT&T and sign up for their pay per use package and use it with one of our phones.

    Thanks for your help again... and any advice on where to visit in Boise or SLC?

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    It may be cheaper to pick up a GoPhone or a Verizon equivalent at Walmart after you cross the border. The whole phone is less than 20 bucks, and it comes with some starter minutes. Refill cards are sold everywhere.

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