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  1. Default East coast road trip & online hotel booking without a wireless plan?

    We're planning a road trip this summer, NY to Florida & may return by way of Tennessee..... or who knows? It's a flexible, open itinerary & I'd like to book hotels along the way via Priceline or Hotwire. My question: is this feasible using an iPad without a wireless carrier? We'd have to find WiFi hotspots along the way. When traveling highways along the Northeast it seems most roadside stops have WiFi and we could always go in search of a Starbucks in larger towns, but I'm wondering what we'll find further south. Can this work?

    Just found this site and am excited to see all the resources on!

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    Default Wifi

    Wifi is widely available virtually everywhere you travel, and most of it is free. Besides those you mention, you will find wifi at many other restaurants and cafes, some department stores and supermarkets, most accommodation and just about all libraries. At many of these it can be picked up outside the building after hours.


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    Thank you - what I expected but better safe than sorry:).

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    You most certainly can do it, I frequently do exactly what you are talking about. In fact, just this evening I booked a room online using McDonalds wi-fi.

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    Great to hear! It's been some time since we took this kind of trip & I appreciate the feedback. Thanks.

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