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  1. Default Please help me plan the best East to West Coast route!


    I am new to this forum and need some help. I am planning a road trip in the next couple weeks from Connecticut west to the Pacific Coast, then south and looping back north east to CT.

    I will be traveling alone by car and sleeping in my car as well as I don't really have the money for lodging. My main need for advice is which routes to take. I would like them to be as scenic as possible and have a few places I would like to see on my way. I'm hoping someone with experience on the USA's road system could help me map out my route such as the best roads to take/most scenic/etc.

    Along the way I would like to travel west and see Yellowstone and possibly Mt. Rushmore beforehand, but I am not too concerned about that, only if it is on the way to Yellowstone. From Yellowstone I would like to travel to Redwood National Park and then travel south on a route directly along the pacific coastline, overlooking the ocean. Upon reaching the LA area (or just north of it I don't really care if I go to LA itself) I would like to travel east to the Grand Canyon via Route 66 and from there follow 66 to around Arkansas and head East to Nashville, TN where I will stay at friends for a couple days. Upon leaving Nashville I will drive north east back to Connecticut. Someone told me that the drive from Denver through Utah towards Las Vegas is life changing (may have been route 50?), but I'm not sure how or if I could fit that in to this trip, mainly because I would like to take Route 66 (unless its not really all its cracked up to be? any advice?)

    The main reason I came here is that I heard someone say that interstate highways pretty much look the same no matter where they are. Any advice on this? I would imagine driving along Routes are a bit more scenic and enjoyable? I have never done anything like this before, but I want to get out there and see America. I think it will be an amazing experience. ANY advice, comments, opinions, info, best routes, ANYTHING, even suggestions to go a different way, will be of great help to me and I would fully appreciate it

    Thanks so much!


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    Default More research and info needed.

    Hi Neil, welcome to the R.T.A. forums !

    What I would suggest is that you have a look around the forums and road trip planning pages, and with the map get some ideas of things that appeal to you. You already have some dots on the map, now you need to start joining them up. The one thing you will notice is that there is no "best" way around here, only options for the individual. That's the great thing about the road trip, the freedom to see what you want to see.
    I do agree that Colorado and Utah offer some of the most amazing scenery to be found anywhere and is a great drive, but we don't even know how much time you have yet, so we can't comment on how you could incorporate it into your trip.
    If you outline a rough itinerary we can certainly help you fine tune it and offer alternatives but just to throw suggestions at you a little blind could fill pages and pages of options that you couldn't possibly achieve.
    The one thing I would suggest is at least buy a tent and some basic equipment, you can't expect to spend long days behind the wheel and then sleep in your car night after night, and where are you planning to sleep if you are off Interstate with no truck stops ? What sort of budget do you have ?
    How long ?
    Enjoy the forums and as you start to build your trip ask questions along the way !

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