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  1. Default September Roadtrip from Boston, MA up the coast - where should we go?

    We are going to take a family roadtrip this summer (ages 27-61) in the Northeast leaving from Boston, MA. We aren't sure where we want to go, but were thinking Vermont, Maine, & MA. We have about 7 days to make the trip up and back to Boston. I was thinking maybe getting Waterbury, VT in there and taking the Hwy up by the White Mountain National Forest and then heading up to Bangor, but I'm open to suggestions and stops along the way!

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    The general route you've laid out will take about two days of driving spread out over seven days allows for a very relaxed pace and a great deal of sight seeing. I've listed many, many places to visit in New England previously, so have a look through those. I would suggest that you extend your drive into Vermont just a bit to take in Lake Champlain and the Burlington area. US-2 is the main road between northern Vermont and Bangor, and is quite scenic. And although NH-112, the Kancamagus Highway, is justifiably famous, it is also crowded - particularly in the Fall. US-3, NH-110 (the Stark Highway), and NH-16 between Lancaster and Gorham offers a less crowded alternative. From Bangor, I'd strongly suggest that you head down to Acadia National Park for at least a day and then follow the coast home.


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