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    Hi. We're headed from Reno to Bozeman. Gma and Gpa from FL pulling a pop-up. Looks like a nice ride cutting up 93 to 86 then over to 15. But will we encounter lots of grades and curves? It would be longer (and probably less scenic) staying on 80 to 15 in SLC, then heading north on 15. Anybody have any comments on 93? (And remember - you might get stuck behind us!)

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It's nearly impossible for the relatively small band of contributors here to have driven every road in America, but we have driven a goodly portion and have come to certain understandings about our road system that should be of help. In general, the US numbered system is pretty good. Remember that these were the 'interstate' highways of their day. While there are a few such roads with steep grades and multiple switchbacks, these are usually well known 'scenic byways' such as the Coronado Trail, the Beartooth Highway, Loveland Pass and the like. So in a case of no news is good news, the highways you're proposing to use are not well known at all. So, if I were on your wheels, I'd use US-93 between Wells, NV and Twin Falls, ID, thus avoiding Salt Lake City and environs, and I'd use US-20/US-191 between Idaho Falls and Bozeman and have the Tetons off to my right for much of it and run through the northwest corner of Yellowstone. (I don't think you have to pay the park entrance fee on this stretch of road, but I'm not sure.) The pop-up shouldn't slow you down too much, but remember - these are all two lane roads and it is just a courtesy for you to pull of for 20-30 seconds every so often when/if there is a line of cars behind you or even a few cars that have been with you for more than 5-10 minutes. That way, they'll have all five fingers extended when they wave to you.


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    My mapping program agrees with Michael's recommendation. I-80/US-93/I-84/I-86/I-15/US-20/US-191. Going through SLC adds over 120 miles and 2 hours to the trip, and I don't think US-93 is going to be a problem. If anything, the stretch around Yellowstone may be mountainous, but taking I-15 to I-90 adds another 100 miles. People use these roads every day - and quite a few are driving big RV's and towing 5th wheel travel trailers - so a popup is no big deal.

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    Thanks - we'll give 93 a try. Some of 93 is called the loneliest road in America - so it appeals to our quest to drive the backroads and see America. As far as pulling off to let people by - we just did a ride along US 1 from Cambria to Monterey, CA (w/o the pop-up) and were constantly pulling off to let people by. Guess they'd all seen the gorgeous rocky coast - but it was all new to us Easterners! Thanks for taking the time to encourage us to travel the scenic route.

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