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    A group of ten of us (5 adults and 5 teenagers) are renting 2 RV's for a week to tour the area from Vegas to San Francisco. We would like to visit Grand Canyon but wonder whether we would be better off taking an organised tour from Vegas to do this part. Any suggestions on this welcomed. Also what would be a suitable route to take to see as much of interest as practical between Las Vegas and San Francisco. Would we need to book RV parks prior to our visit or could we just turn up. We are staying in San Francisco for four days when we return the RV's so will see the city then.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Personally, the last thing I'd want while standing in awe before what is truly one of the wonders of the world is some jaded tour bus driver or guide trying to hurry me along and pack me back up so that I could keep to his schedule. And unfortunately, most tours to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas are day trips, starting early in the morning, giving you a couple of hours or so at the Canyon and then making the long drive back. That's a lot of hours for not much time at the Canyon, and you'd be charged per head. The point of RoadTripping is to go where you want on your own schedule, so I'd recommend that you drive to the Canyon and spend the evening, watch the sunset. Camp outside the park or even stay in Flagstaff if you have to. Spend a few more quality hours at the Canyon in the morning and then return to Las Vegas the next night. I don't think you'll regret it. As for the rest of your trip, check out these discussions to get a good idea of what's available and the time needed to see those that you choose.


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    Hi susie,

    You don't say when you are travelling and that could have an impact on your route choices but I agree with Buck about the Grand canyon, other than I would strongly recommend you camp in the National park at the Mather campground. It is in a wonderful setting and only a short walk to the rim and village area.

    I would also recommend staying in Yosemite NP for a couple of nights in one of "The Pines" [Lower, Upper, and North] campgrounds in the valley. The sights are in wooded surroundings in the heart of the parks but I would strongly recommend booking up as soon as you have yourselves sorted out as the sites book out quickly. If you are travelling during the height of the season it could be too late already. Go to the site to look at the availabilities and to book if you decide to do so.

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    Thanks for the replies we will certainly give your idea some thought. We are travelling in August so as you say we may already be to late for some sites. Do you generally recommend the south rim at Grand Canyon rather than visit the west and the new skywalk?

    Thanks again all for your advice.

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    A lot of the time routes can be affected either early or late in the year by passes [such as Tioga Rd into Yosemite] being closed due to snow and ice in the Sierra's but in your case you will most likely have to work your route around Death valley [a popular choice] as most [if not all] RV companies ban the use of them in "Desert areas" during the summer Month's because of heat and the effects on parts of the RV.

    I personally would 100% recommend the South rim of the GC NP over the West rim which is more isolated on Indian lands. The famous views of Grand canyon seen in many pictures are usually taken within the park [North or South] and the West rim you won't be able to get access in an RV as part of the road is unpaved. It's possible to get transported in, but the total fees including the Skywalk can add up.

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