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  1. Default family planning a vacation out west. please help

    My family and I are planning a trip from eastern KY to Yellowstone park. we want to make the most of the trip therefore we are going north to get there but would like to loop back and come down though Wyoming Nebraska and Kansas as well as Missouri.

    we have 20 days to take our vacation we have no ideas of what to visit/see we are just wanting to experience the old west. that is key as well as yellowstone.

    we are open to any ideas.

    The Abshire Family

  2. Default More ideas/advise please

    I have posted about a road trip out west. I would also like to have some ideas for a road trip for our 15 yr old son. anywhere in the USA which can last 20 days from eastern ky.

    just lookin to make family memories before our son is off to college in a few yrs.


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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Twenty days in a loop from Kentucky puts you in an enviable position of having plenty of time to explore some of the most scenic parts of the country. A few questions up front:
    What are you planning for lodging (hotels, camping, etc)?
    How many days do you want to spend in Yellowstone?
    What kind of things does your son enjoy doing?

    You state you are going north to get there - any ideas of what your general route will be at this point?

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    we will be in hotels. about 2-3 days in yellowstone and my son and hubby enjoy the same things rafting fishing anything dealing with old west gun fighters etc. the goal is to take a step back in time so to speak yellowstone is my part of the trip LOL

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    Default gun fighters?

    I don't know if you'll find anything resembling gun fighters in Yellowstone. Its certainly got a timeless appeal, but its not what I think of when I think of the old west.

    Deadwood SD sounds like a place you'd enjoy stopping along the way. That's built a nice touristy old-west recreation with gun fights and the like. Of course, you can also check out more authentic history, and places like the little bighorn battlefield.

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    If your crew's interested in the west and, like, guns, the Buffalo Bill museum in Cody, Wyo. is pretty spectacular. Biggest collection of historic firearms I've ever seen in *my* lifetime, plus some other pretty cool exhibits (Plains Indians culture, western art, hunting trophies, Buffalo Bill's life). Would also highly recommend you bypass the I-80 in Wyo and stay north instead -- much prettier driving up there.

    Hopefully not being controversial, but I might also recommend doing everything you can to get west of whichever "middle state" you're crossing as quickly as possible (i.e., IMHO, there's not as much to see in Nebraska, Kansas, or the Dakotas). Deadwood and the Black Hills are cool, but things get more spectacular in western Montana, Colorado, and Utah.

    Speaking of Utah, if you're interested in fishing and seeing some great scenery, I'd highly recommend you check out Fish Lake. Puts you very near Capitol Reef and the other national parks as well as near some great driving (not too far from Valley of the Gods and Moki Dugway) and offroading (Escalante). And the fishing there is almost always hot.

    Have fun,


    PS, Assuming this is copacetic to do here, here are links to photos and descriptions I did of--

    Buffalo Bill Museum (etc.):
    Northern Wyoming:
    Valley of the Gods:
    Moki Dugway:

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    thanks so much this sounds like my guys type of vacation spots i like nature and that is why I picked Yellow stone but the rest of the vacation will be all their little adventure thanks again if ya have any more ideas or roads to travel etc feel free to email me the information

    thanks again cant wait for the summer to get here!

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    You can look up the Oregon and California Wagon Train Trails. The main trail started at Independence, Mo. There are still lots of places where the wheel ruts still show. There is an interesting rock formation in Wy where the pioneers wrote their names called Independence Rock. Lewis and Clark Trail is also interesting to follow. Lots of Geological forms between you and Yellowstone. Better get your reservations in now for Yellowstone! Actually Western SD has lots to see, Mt Rushmore, Custer Park, Deadwood. Walls Drug is fun in Wall, SD. Wyoming has lots to see also, including the Tetons. Use google and you will find a lot of US history to check out!

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    Cheyenne WY has a gun fight every evening at 6pm

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