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  1. Default San Francisco to Chicago in mid-August.. YAY!

    Hello all,

    Newly laid-off, and looking forward to my big fat roadtrip!! Planning a one-way car rental from Hertz, for one week, Aug 16th thru 23.

    I've always wanted to travel through MT, WY, SD which is why this scenic route. Stops are as follows:

    1. Salem/Portland, OR
    2. Lewiston, WA
    3. Bozeman, MT
    4. Spearfish/Sturgis, SD
    5. Rochester, MN
    6. Chicago

    Any thoughts/suggestions about this itinerary? Please check out this google map:

    This trip is a sure thing, so if this sounds interesting, do get in touch.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Well your trip is certainly doable and if that's the route you have chosen then go for it !
    We generally recommend covering not much more than 500-550 miles a day on multi day trips which will put you on the road for 9-10 hours with short stops for food,gas and a stretch of the legs which equates to 5-6 days of driving. This won't leave a whole lot of time for sight seeing and you have a couple of long days in there but it should work.

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