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    I am planning to hire a car from Houston in late June and drive east then back in a loop to Houston as we have to fly home from there. Aside from definitely wanting to visit New Orleans we are really flexible on where to go. Are there any must-sees generally in the south east or within a reasonable distance from Houston?


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are many different reasons to travel, to see scenic areas, to experience a different lifestyle, to visit historic sites, to get from Point A to Point B What we all would recommend would depend on your interests. But to give you a list of some of my favorite places through the Southeast...New Orleans, of course, but also the nearby bayous which you can visit on your way from Houston on the Creole Nature Trail Working along the Gulf Coast into Florida, visits to Orlando, the Kennedy Space Center or St. Augustine might be in order. You could then work your way up the Atlantic coast to two great southern cities, Savannah and Charleston You could then work your way back through the heart of Georgia, get some recent history as well as some more distant events before returning home.

    Now you may have noticed that the above places actually defines a loop around the Southeast. To do it all could actually be done in 10 days if you're up to driving 250-300 miles a day, or you could just concentrate on a geographical portion or a theme. But that should at least give you some ideas of what's available.


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    Thanks for the advice, you have certainly given me a lot to think about. Our reasons to travel are pretty much all of the above to be honest, a mixture of scenery, history and experiencing contemporary America.

    The Creole trail has definately made the list and the others sound like great ideas too. I have visited Florida before so could you recommend somewhere else instead? My knowledge of American geography and attractions is really quite poor so any help is appreciated!


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    If you've already been to Florida, then by all means skip it and concentrate on the other southern states. The general trip I laid out for you still works, just head directly from the Gulf coast to the Atlantic coast. But I would definitely try to get to Savannah or Charleston or both. For even more ideas, read through Days 3 and 4 of this trip I took a few years ago. I think the best thing for you would be to get an atlas of the the US and look at how all those places string out on a map, and then see what else of interest lies between those points.


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