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    I'm trying to plan a road trip for my husband and I to go from Wisconsin out east... not really sure where... we were thinking Pennsylvania/North Carolina possibly and back up? We have to be able to do it in a week and we're interested in seeing a lot of sites... possibly things with tours??? Amusement parks maybe... we're really not into the nightlife too big but would more enjoy nature or museum/zoo type activities. This will be our last vacation without kiddos being along. We're thinking of taking it in April or May... any advice or tips on places to go?

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    Default Spring Flowers!

    Quote Originally Posted by budafam View Post
    I'm trying to plan a road trip for my husband and I to go from Wisconsin out east... not really sure where... we were thinking Pennsylvania/North Carolina possibly
    Because of the time window, you might want to think in terms of driving no more than a radius of a 1000 miles from home. That would enable you to do some sightseeing and still get home without a mammoth driving marathon. Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! I don't know where in Wisconsin you are starting from, but in round numbers that would give you a possible range from Philadelphia to New York City or even Washington DC. And the spring flowers in the Washington DC Mall are truly awesome to see each year.

    Here are some threads with places you might enjoy exploring:

    Niagara Falls and Pennsylvania
    Some New England Places to explore
    The Shenandoah Valley

    Happy Planning!


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    Default a rough outline

    If I had a week and was looking at museums, theme parks, and nature, with PA and NC as a general area that I was looking at, I think I would do a look that looks something like this:

    Head south to Springfield, IL and check out the Lincoln Library and Museum.
    Continue south to Mammoth Cave, KY
    Perhaps visit Nashville, and the various historic sites there.
    Head over to Smokey Mountains National Park.
    Start going north with a swing by the New River Gorge in West Virginia.
    Head back west via Cleveland to tour the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    And end with a "grand finally" stoping at the Cedar Point theme park in Sandusky, Ohio, before making the trip back home.

    That actually would probably be more than you could do in a week, but its at least an outline of some of the things that I would be thinking about.

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