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Daily Log 11.22.96 - Milepost 74,840
Dallas, Texas
We made it to Dallas via Interstate 20, arriving in time to see the sunset over downtown. We'll spend today exploring, beginning with the Book Depository whose sixth floor is now a museum focusing on John F. Kennedy.

Daily Log 11.23.96 - Milepost 74,919
Carrollton, Texas
Yesterday was the 33rd anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, which made our visit to Dealey Plaza in Dallas an especially interesting one. We also toured Texas Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys, and the Infomart, the hi-tech supermall known as the 'Crystal Palace.'

Daily Log 11.24.96 - Milepost 74,941
Carrollton, Texas
A genuine winter storm struck Dallas yesterday, complete with impressive lightning displays and booming thunder. We decided to stay put after the Weather Service announced that it was wise to keep off highways if possible. Freezing rain is not much fun to drive in, especially when accompanied by wind!

Daily Log 11.25.96 - Milepost 74,965
Dallas, Texas
Yesterday we visited Karen and Randy Brack in Garland, Texas. Today we're headed west again, even though the weather is less than perfect for driving: windy, cold and wet. Marvin is appreciating his winter coat!

Daily Log 11.26.96 - Milepost 75,095
Gordon, Texas
The storm moved east, and we're moving west. We stopped in a truck stop on Interstate 20 last night between Fort Worth and Abilene. Today our destination is El Paso.

Daily Log 11.27.96 - Milepost 75,452
Pecos, Texas
We enjoyed lunch in Midland yesterday with Bob and Lucille Boykin, and then hit the road again with a view to making El Paso by nightfall. We didn't even come close, because we were lured off the highway in Monahans by a sign that read "One Million Barrel Museum." This morning we were interviewed by Fred Fishkin of CBS Radio New York, and now we're headed west again!

Daily Log 11.28.96 - Milepost 75,720
Las Cruces, Texas
We visited the El Paso Chile Company in El Paso, Texas, as we passed through. It's the home of the best black bean dip in the universe, which we'd discovered while visiting Sara & Chuck Ijadi on Long Island, New York. We stopped in Las Cruces, where we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving with tamales before heading on to Arizona.

--Mark, Megan & Marvin

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