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Daily Log 11.08.96 - Milepost 72,703
Old Bethpage, New York Here we are in Teddy Roosevelt territory, Long Island. We're enjoying the scenery: historic villages and dramatic coastal views. Readers have sent us lots of suggestions for places to visit. We hardly know where to start--check back for pictures and stories next week!

Daily Log 11.09.96 - Milepost 72,703
Old Bethpage, New York Yesterday we had a great surprise visit from Ray Starke of Oyster Bay, who'd read about RoadTrip America in Newsday. We'd mentioned in an e-mail message that we were in Old Bethpage, and he guessed correctly that we were in Battle Row Campground, a Nassau County park. Today we're headed to Westbury.

Daily Log 11.10.96 - Milepost 72,714
Westbury, New York Before leaving Old Bethpage, we met Tom Carrubba and his friend Paul, who surf the 'net using HAM radios. Now we're in Westbury, where we're visiting our friends Sara and Chuck Ijadi.

Daily Log 11.11.96 - Milepost 72,729
Plainedge, New York Yesterday's highlight was the show at Chuckles, a comedy club in Mineloa, where we watched stand-up comic Steve Strangio perform. Today we're headed for Oyster Bay to meet Steve Walker, the director of the community band.

Daily Log 11.12.96 - Milepost 72,754
Oyster Bay, New York Yesterday we met with members of Oyster Bay's Community Band. Oyster Bay has had a town band since before 1850, and enjoyed glory days when Teddy Roosevelt was the town's most famous resident.

Daily Log 11.13.96 - Milepost 72,784
New York, New York Today we're in Manhattan enjoying another close-up look at the Big Apple. We're watching the Christmas tree go up at Rockefeller Center, and SNOW is predicted!

Daily Log 11.14.96 - Milepost 72,784
New York, New York We're making preparations for our westward journey to California by the beginning of December, but we can't leave the Big Apple without another trek out Long Island and a ride on an elevated train to Brighton Beach. Check in next week for some more New York discoveries!

--Mark, Megan & Marvin
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