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"That's Impossible"
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Don't tell anybody.

Tonopah, Nevada
Photographed by Megan Edwards
Posted on RoadTrip America 6/04

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Chris Epting has done it again! I still enjoy "random paging" James Dean Died Here, his first compendium of American pop culture events and their locations, but now my favorite pick-me-up has serious new competition. Marilyn Monroe Dyed Here (you've got to love that title) is the second volume in the series, and it's every bit as fascinating as the first. I have to say this surprised me, because Epting packed so much into the first book, I thought this second collection might be a bit thin. But no! Not only does pop culture keep on getting created on a daily basis, there were scads of happenings from the past I'd never heard of before, as well as lots I'd forgotten about. Remember the woman who sued McDonald's for scalding herself when she spilled hot coffee in her lap? Epting reveals where and when it happened along with the outcome of all the ensuing litigation. But all is not recent...[Read more]