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Submission Guidelines

Got a Funny Sign, a Roadside Marvel, or a Roadside Mural to Share?

RoadTrip America's Funny Signs, Roadside Marvels, and Roadside Murals collections welcome contributions under the following conditions:

1. The submitting party must own the rights to the photograph being submitted or have permission from the photographer or owner to submit the photograph to RoadTrip America for publication.

2. If a photograph is accepted for publication, the submitting party must agree to RoadTrip America's terms of use, which include the right to publish the photograph on the RoadTrip America Web site and to extend publication rights to other online or print publications. Credit is given to the photographer and submitting party.

3. If you’ve reached this page because you've read our new book CAUTION: FUNNY SIGNS AHEAD and would like to submit a photo to be considered for inclusion in our next book of funny signs, here's how the process works. We are currently seeking submissions for the RTA’s online funny sign gallery, and it is possible that photos selected for online publication might also one day be selected for inclusion in a new book. While there is no guarantee that any submission to the online collection will be selected for the next book, this is the first step in the process, and we welcome your submission.

If you would like to submit a photograph, please attach it to an email message and send it to

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