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Roadside Murals

More Murals:
by John Pugh and Mark Spykerbosch
Tehachapi, California
Contributed by Gerald Thurman of Tempe, Arizona

This "trompe l'oeil" mural was designed by master muralist John Pugh and painted by Marc Spykerbosch. The wall upon which the mural was painted appears to be cracking open from the force of a historic 1952 earthquake. (Interestingly, the "cracks" in the mural had to be re-touched and re-painted by local muralist Lyn Bennett in January, 2008.)

The Tehachapi Loop, built in 1876, is located a few miles west of town near CA-58 and is a favorite place for train enthusiasts. If a train is long enough, it is possible to see it cross over itself as it gains nearly 77 feet in elevation in less than 4,000 feet of track heading up the summit.

In this mural, a train dating from 1952 with a helper engine mounted in the middle of the train is chugging its way up the steep incline. (Here's an example of such a train that RoadTrip America photographed in February, 1998.)

Gerald Thurman kicked off 2009 with a visit to Tehachapi and documented some of the murals around town. The Tehachapi Main Street Murals Committee has posted information about the various artists.

Other John Pugh murals found in the RTA collection include:
"Cattle Days in Hidden Valley"
"Standing on a Corner in Winslow, Arizona"

Painted on the SE corner of the Ace Lumber store
Pauley Street and West Tehachapi Boulevard
Tehachapi, California 93561

Photographed by Gerald Thurman 1/1/09
Posted on RoadTrip America 1/09

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