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    Default back from points west

    We made it back home safe and sound after 10 days and over 3000 miles.
    Mn, ND, Mont, Wy, Id, SD, and back to Mn. We visited 7 Natl. Forests, 4 Natl. Parks, and 5? Natl. Monuments. We snowmobiled for 2 days in the Yellowstone area and saw lots of great sites. I wish we could have taken our Corvette so we could have gone topless and get the smells as well as the sites.... summer is on its way i hope!!
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    Default Some fresh insider tips?

    Quote Originally Posted by ness5353
    We made it back home safe and sound after 10 days and over 3000 miles.
    Rod, you must have some news about some of those places? Looking forward to hearing about what you found out there. Where in Yellowstone did you snowmobile?


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