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    Anyone have an itinary for travelling Route 66 from Chicago to LA, I am coming over from the UK and plan on allowing 2 weeks for the trip.



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    Hi TB, welcome to the RoadTrip America forum!

    Anyone have an itinary for travelling Route 66 from Chicago to LA
    To get started, you could buy one of the many guide books written on the subject, like this one and you can take a look at our Route 66 links page.

    plan on allowing 2 weeks for the trip
    The trip from Chicago to LA is about 2020 miles long if you use major interstates. So, if you plan on doing a one way trip on the entire remaining lenght of old route 66 (which follows more or less the path of I-40 and I-44), 2 weeks would be pretty reasonnable I guess.

    But, if you plan on doing a roundtrip, I think you would be a little short because, as you probably know, Route 66 is not an official highway anymore. To travel by the way of the double six you have to allow more time and follow the directions to the historic route. Some stretches are still in use, like this one between Oatman and Williams, AZ and Central Avenue in Alburquerque, NM, but most of the time, you have to use another route to get to the remains of the old highway.

    However, if you're used to drive long distance and to practice sight-seeing from the inside of your car and actually enjoy that type of travelling, I believe the roundtrip is doable. You just won't have much time to visit as many attractions and museums along the way.

    Have a great trip!

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    Be aware that most of Route 66 no longer exists - it was replaced by Interstate 40. Most of it is pretty flat too. But if you like hiking stop in the Ozark Mts. in Missouri - it's beautiful. Also once you get to New Mexico and Arizona there's lots to see. Some ideas:
    Sandia Peak Tramway in Albuquerque - this is an aerial tram that takes you 14,000 feet up to the top of Sandia Peak.
    Acoma Pueblo, NM - this is the oldest continuously occupied village in the US. It's a 1300 year old Acoma (Native American) village sitting on top of a 400 foot sandstone bluff. The scenery on the drive in and from the top are INCREDIBLE. The Acoma run tours up to the village and I highly recommend it. You'll see signs off I-40 in New Mexico.
    Sedona, Arizona is red rock country and one of the most unique landscapes in the country. Also you might stop at Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona but make sure to get up early because sunrise is the best time to see it. Amazing colors.
    Have a nice trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by t7547b
    Anyone have an itinary for travelling Route 66 from Chicago to LA, I am coming over from the UK and plan on allowing 2 weeks for the trip.
    One of our roadtrip colleagues has a photo journal that you can use in either direction for creating an itinerary. Here is the starting page in Chicago. If you scroll to the bottom of each page, you will find a map that corresponds to the route that Guy and Randall followed each day.


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    The vast majority of 66 is still there and drivable. The interstates are handy if you get behind in time while investigating all the great places.

    Stay at the old motels whenever you can. While in Missouri, I suggest the Wagon Wheel in Cuba, the Munger-Moss in Lebanon, and either the Rail Haven or Rest Haven in Springfield. In Tucumcari, the must stay is at the Blue Swallow.

    Check out all the great regional foods including Calf Fries in Oklahoma or Rocky Mountain Oysters at the Big Texan in Amarillo. Well, perhaps you'd better find out what they are first.

    In Illinois, great places to eat are Lou Mitchell's in Chicago, Cozy Dog in Springfield, the White Fence Farm, Del Rhea's Chicken Basket, the Riviera, and the Luna.

    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway and Enjoy the Double Six.--RoadDog

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoadDog
    The vast majority of 66 is still there and drivable.
    Technically, yes. However, most of old Rt. 66 is now frontage roads alongside I-40 and I-44. The road is technically still there but it bears little resemblence to 'ol 66. There are still a few parts of 66 that are like in the old days, mostly around Grand Canyon Caverns in AZ and in downtown Albuquerque and Flagstaff.
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