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    Default Indy 500

    OK, I might be in the wrong section here and if so I'm sorry. Was reading some older threads the other day and saw that a regular always goes to a big race during May. I would like to know can you buy tickets at the gate or is it best to pre purchase. Might try and make it there, hubby would love to go, he thinks it would be a good trade off for a baseball game.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Trolling...

    I think this is the right place for it. The timing, along with the title, ought to draw out a response. Good Luck.


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    Default Prepay

    I'm pretty sure the Indy 500 sells out early. It's the biggest race in the world. So I highly suggest prepaying and also go ahead and get your hotel room now. There will be none left soon.

    Go to and check out the tickets and seating. It is a huge venue. I've never been to the Indy 500, but I've been to the US Grand Prix which is held there in June/July. Anyway the website has a good map of where the seats are. There is no way to see the whole race track, but they have enormous tv screens spread all over the track.

    We sat in A section (I believe) right at the starting grid and at the top row of the lower level and were amazed at how much we could see. We were right across from the pits and could see the last and first turns of the course plus two tv screens from where we were.

    Have fun and let us know how it goes!!

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