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    Hi all,

    I will be leaving on a road trip from Dallas to Seattle this Saturday (I'm relocating to Seattle). I was thinking of going from Dallas --> Oklahoma City, OKC --> Denver, Denver --> Boise, Boise --> Seattle.

    I think this is the shortest route, and hopefully will be fine winter-driving-wise? I have front-wheel drive, but no snow tires or chains. Any advice? Pitfalls I should be aware of? Better routes? Something scenic that I'm going to miss that you would recommend I see?

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    Default You're on the right track!

    The quickest route per MS Streets & Trips is:

    I-35 to Wichita
    I-135 to Salina
    I-70 to Denver
    I-25 to Cheyenne
    I-80 to just north of Coalville, UT
    I-84 through Ogden (note: you won't be going through SLC but, rather, just north of it) and Boise to Stanfield, OR
    I-82 to Ellensburg, WA
    I-90 to Seattle

    2200 miles

    Please check out these great winter driving tips! I would suggest having chains and knowing how to put them on, just in case.

    Something scenic? I've driven most of that route....the leg from Washington state to Denver....and I found the whole route pretty scenic. Well, unfortunately, you're not going through a very scenic part of Idaho. But I just always enjoy the changing scenery whether or not a particular area is scenic or not. It's amazing how diverse our country is.

    I live in Washington state. If you'd like any advise about living here, and suggestions for weekend trips once you get settled in, let me know.

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    Thanks Judy! I will check out the winter driving tips, and get back in touch with you for weekend trip suggestions. I am very excited for my move to WA!

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    Default Warning: No umbrellas!

    Cool....I'll look forward to a report on your trip to Seattle and to helping you explore the great PNW!

    Just an FYI, one of the first things that will show you're a newbie to our area is to use an umbrella. They are a rarity in this rain-besotted area. Just a tip.

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    i'm currently living in dallas (past 7yrs.) and i can't take this 100 degrees plus weather.i've been to seattle 3-4 times but never stayed longer than a week.i'm seriously considering moving out there but i hear the winter weather is very gloomy and there are not that many sunny days.i wanted to get an opionion from someone that used to live in texas and see what they think of seattle vs. dallas or tx. any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Everything's a trade-off

    I've never lived in Dallas but have made a few brief visits there. It sure does get hot!

    My husband's brother and his family have been living in Dallas for the last 12 years and just moved back to the Pacific NW last week. They are thrilled to be back. While the draw of being closer to family is one of the reasons, they also say that they miss the weather and the greenery here and are thrilled to get away from the heat. Of course, they're native here/transplants there so their experience and opinions might not be what you need to help you make the best decision.

    Yeah, we get a bit more rain than most areas but we are rewarded for it with amazing green forests, beautiful rivers and waterfalls, and more. And, if you live in/near Seattle, you are rewarded with amazing views of "The Mountain", i.e. Mt. mountain of amazing mass that looks over Seattle down into the lovely sound. You don't need sun to enjoy any of this.

    People do most every activity most people reserve for sun-shiney days in other parts of the country like hiking, biking, kayaking, etc. It's all in the attitude. We call it liquid sunshine.
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    We'll be leaving in two weeks for our one way trip from dallas/Fort Worth to Seattle. Looking forward to it! No umbrellas? That's funny! Any other tips?

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    While we appreciate that you've spent time looking around the forum, this thread is 6 years old, and neither the original poster, nor Judy, have been active on the forum in many years. Its very unlikely you'll be getting a response from them.

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