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    My friends and I are graduating high school this year, and we want to go on a road trip before we go our seperate ways. Does anybody have any ideas as to where we should go?

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    Default That All Depends...

    ...on what you all like to do, how long you have for the trip, what kind of transport you have, how much you can invest in such a trip, whether there's a general direction you'd like to head out in, and any number of other such details. Road trips are such an exercise in personal freedom and choice that we are extremely hesitant to just up and suggest something with no information at all, and you should be just as suspect of any trip put forward as a 'one size fits all' answer.

    You can start your planning here. Note that getting ideas doesn't come until step 3! But really, if the trip is what you want, it will be a whole lot more fun.

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