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    I've read in a few sources that, in most states, it is illegal to drive without wearing shoes. Why is this?

    For me, as a tall guy, I find driving without shoes on major trips to be of great comfort as it gives me just a bit more leg room and my feet breath better. I always keep my shoes close by however.

    Am I in the minority here? But I am also one of those people who brakes with his left foot. My drivers ed teacher almost flunked me for this. heh.

    - JT

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    I believe (but you're on your own on this) that this is a myth and that no state actually has a law on the books requiring that shoes be worn while driving. Here is a similarly vague response to this age old question and at least one state that admits that it is legal to drive barefoot.


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    According to information available from AAA, which I consider a reliable source, it is not illegal to drive without shoes in any US state.

    However, driving without footwear can result in increased injuries to feet and ankles in a crash. It is just as important to wear the right kind of footwear -- flip-flops are not a good idea, nor are anything with sharp pointy heels! Get yourself some nice Gucci racing slippers!

    All of that said, I sometimes kick my shoes off for a time while driving on a long trip for the additional comfort. Bob

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