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    Hi, I am in the initial stages of planning a trip to California in April 06. I am interested in starting in either LA or SF and driving to the other. Does it matter which city I start in? Is the drive better going in a particular direction? A big must is stopping in Napa. Thanks for any tips.

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    In the broad scheme of things, it probably does not that make a huge difference which way you go, you will still see the same sights. But for what it's worth, if I were doing this, I'd go from north to south. This has two advantages. It lets you start your trip in the Napa Valley so you can see your "big must" when you are freshest and can enjoy it most, and it lets you travel the coast highway (I assume you'll be using this as your route south) in the shore-side lane so that pull offs at various scenic stops and rookeries will be easier. Either way you make this journey, you will enjoy it.


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    I've done the trip both directions a few times - both directions are ok, but coming all the way up the PCH and 101 are the most memorable, although slower. I've used the I5, but it's just another freeway.

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