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  1. Default Possible Summer Roadtrip

    How does this sound for a summer roadtrip route, roughly 18 - 21 days in length?

    In order:

    1. U.S. Highway 2 from near Duluth, MN (my hometown) to Everett / Seattle, WA - all the way!

    2. I-5 from Seattle to Portland (a 3-hour trip?)

    3. OR 18 from Portland to Lincoln City.

    4. Hwy 101 from Lincoln City to San Francisco

    5. CA Highway 1 / I-5 from San Francisco to Los Angeles to San Diego.

    6. I-8 and I-10 from San Diego to El Paso to San Antonio.

    7. I-35 from San Antonion back to Duluth.

    Cities visited (in some depth) would be Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, L.A., San Diego, El Paso, Austin, and Kansas City.

    Short day hikes and beach visits, plus stops at interesting attractions not far off the roads would also be included.

    I certainly don't know if I'll be going on it, but it seems like a decent "itenerary".

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    Default Would this be a solo trip?

    Quote Originally Posted by tvdxer
    How does this sound for a summer roadtrip route, roughly 18 - 21 days in length?
    The distance is about right for 21 days, would you be traveling solo or with a co-driver?

    Are you looking for suggestions to see on this route or?


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    Well, I would definitely bring at least one friend with, possibly two. I drive a '96 Buick Park Avenue, so there wouldn't be much of a space problem.

    Just wondering what you all think of the idea in general...

    Any suggestions (for things to do, etc.) would be welcome as well.

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    Wow, a run of most of the western segment of US 2! I ENVY YOU! If you need any tips/hints on things to do around US 2 in Washington State, just ask. I lived in Wenatchee, WA for many years, and have traveled over Stevens Pass more times than I care to count, so I know some treasures along the route.

  5. Default Lake Superior RT

    I posted a much longer roadtrip (above), but I have come up with one that would be more realistic for me.

    Here's the plan:

    * Start in my hometown of Duluth. Take Old Hwy 61 to Two Harbors (only about 20 mi). From there take Hwy 61 to the border, and follow ON 61 to Thunder Bay.

    * From Thunder Bay, take CAN 17 to Marathon. Visit Pukaskwa National Park.

    * Continue on CAN 17 to Terrace Bay and Sault Ste. Marie, ON.

    * Cross the border again into Michigan. Take MI 28 / US 41 to US 2 back home.

    This would be a summer trip, probably done with one other person.

    I think I could do this in 4 - 5 days, nothing too long.

    Anybody have suggestions for such a trip? Cool places to visit? I know about the MN side of 61 and WI side of 2, but not much else.

    Also, it is it worth it to take a detour to visit the Keewenaw Penninsula of the UP (perhaps by going up US 41 to Hancock and back down by US 45 and MI 26)? I heard there are some interesting towns up there.

    Any help would be welcome.
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    Default Once around the lake

    As a concept for a trip, once around Lake Superior is as good as any and a lot better than many. Some of my most memorable trips have started out with nothing much more than a concept such as 'follow route xx'. Four or five days would allow ample time to explore and just follow your impulses about following any intriguing signs. So, I guess what I'm saying is that if I lived in Duluth, I'd be sure to make such a trip at some point, and Yes, I'd try to include the Keweenaw Peninsula and poke myself as far into the lake as I could. The other thing I'd try to find time for is a visit to Isle Royale. The shortest ferry trip is from Grand Portage, MN, but maybe you could take one of the longer rides from the UP. The other thing I'd note about this trip from personal experience in this area (but that I'm sure that you're aware of) is to bring plenty of good bug repellant.


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