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    Default Moving to Alaska

    (Original message removed by author. Thanks for the advice!!!!)
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    If, in general, you want to avoid the cities, then your second route is by far the best choice. From Portland to Everett, WA, you're basically driving through what we call the I-5 corridor. There are few places along this route without development along the freeway. Once you hit Olympia, WA, you will see little green until you get north of Everett, WA.

    The second route offers much more in thee way of "Wildlife, Birds, Rivers, Lakes, Parks, Waterfalls, Canyons, Scenic Drives, Flowers, Small picturesque towns, Beaches, Mountains, Forests,....anything in nature worth pulling over and taking a picture of," imho.

    You will have ample choices of lodging in the Tri-Cities area (Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland, WA). Or Yakima or Ellensburg. Depending on how far you get that day.

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    Another option is an over land route. Being summer, you can stop and visit seattle, then take US 2 or WA 20 over the Cascades, but make sure you get to US 97. From there, take US 97 up into Canada by way of Omak. Then you can make your way up through BC to the Alaska Highway (there are many routes, all of them quite rural). Follow the Alaska Highway to The Yukon and to Whitehorse. From there, take the South Klondike Highway south into Skagway, and the ferry from there into Juneau. The ferry ride is nice and all, but other than what you can see from the boat, there's not much chance to explore things you like. (Sorry, I don't have the highway numbers through Canada... my maps aren't availble right now, but I know this route is there.)

    I plan to take this route one day myself.

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    Default ideas along the way

    A few places to consider that fit right in with your desires:

    Joseph Oregon - 1 hour east of I-84 from LaGrande -- you could make it there your first day. Known as the Swiss Alps of the US - known for it's art, especially Bronze - lots of wonderful hiking, scenery, Wallowa Lake, and plenty of birds. You could also take a run up to Hat Point (road not for the faint of heart!) and gaze down at the mightly Hell's Canyon of the Snake River. Say hi to my son, Eric, the deputy sheriff in town if you go!

    If you decide to stop in Baker City, consider staying at the Baker Grand Hotel. A nicely restored old "haunted" hotel from the early 20th century.

    From Joseph, consider the road North into Lewston, Id/Clarkston, Wa, then catch up with I-84 again. Again a windy road, but a breathtaking drive.

    In central Washington you have all the vineyards stretching from Lake Chelan south to Yakima -- you could drive that whole stretch, then head west on I- 90 through farm country, stop at the Grand Coulee Dam, Snowqualmie Falls (and its beautiful lodge) and on into Seattle.

    Have a great trip.

    Carol White
    Live Your Road Trip Dream

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