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    Default 7 days for the road

    My wife and I have 7 days to explore, Nov 6-12, kind of short notice. We live in Maryland on the Eastern Shore and want to go north to take a stroll around Canada. We enjoy hiking, camping, landmarks, low-key places, scenic views, music and good food. Does anyone have any suggestions on possible routes and locations we shouldn't miss.

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    Welcome to the RTA forum, Kwolff! We have some regulars in that area and I'm sure they will jump in with some suggestions for you soon. Bob

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    Default Loop the Lake

    As a rough outline for such a trip, you might want to consider making a wide loop around Lake Ontario. You can, of course, go either way but I'll describe it in a clockwise direction. Highlights of such a tour might include the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, New York's Letchworth State Park, Niagara Falls, Toronto, the Thousand Lakes Region along the upper St. Lawrence River, Canada's capital Ottawa, Montréal, Lake Champlain, either the Adirondacks in NY or the Green Mts. in VT, the Catskills and finally the Delaware Water Gap. I am pretty sure that somewhere along that route and among those locations you'll find everything you said you were looking for.


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    Default Camping

    You may have some trouble finding campgrounds that are open at this time of year many close at the end of September (though some stay open all year, for hunters and skiers), so make sure to have a Woodall's camping guide (or similar) at your disposal.

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    Default Thanks for the suggestions

    AZBuck, thanks for all locations, that is what I'm looking for, an idea of what and where to go. TimboTA, I figured that so traveling might be a little more expensive than if we could of camped. We have good winter equipment for camping, so we'll look for the ones that are open. Bob, thanks for the welcome note.

    Thanks again

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