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    Default Live Cargo on I-80


    Any tips for two semi-young and restless adventurous types moving from VT to Tahoe next week (Oct 26 - Oct 29 or 30) with two less than adventurous house cats, one of whom is a severe diabetic requiring insulin shots and just home from major surgery (yet recovered enough to be giving us the silent treatment because he can't go outside - wait till he finds out he gets to spend 4 days in a stationwagon, ha), the other of which is a schizophrenic with the amazing talent of being personally offended by inanimate objects, 4 whitewater boats, 3 mt bikes, 2 road bikes.. no partridges or pear trees but pretty close....

    Looks like NY Thruway to I-80 all the way....

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    I suggest small amounts of wine for the kitties, for the calming effects. This may be the only way you'll survive (without 3rd degree scratches, anyway). I offer this in jest, of course, lest anyone think I'd really abuse an animal that way....

    Obviously, you're not going to have a lot of free time away from the vehicle on this trip, but if you can spare some short spans while they sleep perhaps, you might explore a couple of downtown areas -- perhaps Chicago and Salt Lake? Both have enough interesting options to keep you busy for an hour or two (or more, certainly, if you had it).

    Another choice is to deviate the route off I-80 down through Denver on I-76 and then I-70 west to US50 in Utah and across Nevada on US50. The reason would be for the spectacular scenery -- even the cats might enjoy it, who knows -- and it wouldn't take that much extra time.


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    Default kitties

    The vet can prescribe you some pills for the cats. It'll calm them down for a while. I never use those on my own cats but I know they work pretty well. Maybe you should give them the pills in the morning and let them play around during the night so they can eat and do their stuff. If you plan on sleeping in motels, always make sure they're pet friendly and ask if there's an extra ($$) for the animals. Some motel chains like motel 6 let the pets stay for free under certain conditions. I always put a litter box in the car and something waterproof under it, you never know! Make regular stops at rest areas for example, make them walk (if they're awake), do their stuff and feed them but don't push it. Make sure they always have fresh air in the car and never leave them alone in the car with the windows up. Be ready to hear lots of meowing, bring lots of cds and...good luck!


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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks for the advice! Its great to know that about Motel 6, and thanks very much for suggesting the alternate route... I was hoping there would be a more exciting alternative!


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